Corporate Governance

Stanwell is committed to best practice corporate governance and processes that will enhance Stanwell's effectiveness and ensure the appropriate degree of accountability and transparency to stakeholders.

Stanwell defines governance as "the system by which the Corporation is directed, managed and held to account". It incorporates the culture, structures and processes for decision making, accountability, control and behaviour. It provides the framework within which:

As part of its commitment to best practice corporate governance, the Board has adopted a Charter that sets out the roles and responsibilities of the Board and Management within Stanwell's governance framework. The Board Handbook details the governance processes which apply specifically to the Board.

The Board has established two Committees, the Audit and Risk Management Committee and the People and Safety Committee.  The Committees assist the Board in the execution of its role and allow in-depth consideration of complex issues.

An overview of our corporate governance framework can be located in our Annual Report.

We comply with the Corporate Governance Guidelines for Government Owned Corporations and the Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Best Practice Guide for Government Owned Corporations and continually review our policies and procedures in light of further corporate governance developments based on these guidelines.