In addition to operating one of the largest electricity generation fleets in Queensland, Stanwell also retails electricity directly to large commercial and industrial end-users of electricity1. Our retail operations extend to New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory.

We leverage our extensive market knowledge and expertise to provide our clients with bespoke retail electricity solutions. Being supported directly by generation and mining assets valued at more than $2 billion, we are a credible alternative to our competitors and their traditional approaches to retailing electricity.

1Consumption in excess of 4 GWh per annum or monthly energy only costs greater than $35,000.

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Jennefer Ede

Sales and Marketing Manager

Jennefer Ede has more than 8 years’ experience in the retail energy market and joined Stanwell Energy in August 2014 to manage the Retail Sales Team. As the key relationship manager to large industrial and commercial organisations within the retail energy market, Jennefer’s focus is to create value add solutions for strategic accounts. In addition to managing Stanwell’s team of retail account managers, Jennefer is responsible for maintaining the key client relationships, strategic partnerships with third party consultants and developing new business opportunities within the Queensland, New South Wales and Victorian markets.

Michael Larner

Group Manager

Michael Larner has more than 10 years’ experience in the retail energy sector and has worked at Stanwell Energy and its predecessor Tarong Energy since 2009. Michael has varied experience across the sector and has occupied a number of roles covering strategy, analysis and customer management across both direct retail electricity and electricity generation. In his role as Group Manager, Michael is responsible for managing Stanwell’s direct retail business, which covers all elements of the retail process including sales and account management, market operations and billing.

For our existing clients, the details of your account manager can be found on your latest invoice.

Stanwell only provides retail electricity services to large commercial and industrial end-users with consumption in excess of 4 GWh per annum (approximate monthly electricity only costs (exclusive of network charges and environmental scheme costs) greater than $35,000). If your consumption is at least this amount and you are interested in finding out more about how Stanwell can assist your business to better manage your retail electricity requirements, please email Jennefer Ede at