Australian Energy Market Commission
The AEMC is responsible for the National Electricity Rules and policy advice covering the National Electricity Market.

Australian Energy Regulator
The AER performs economic regulation of the wholesale electricity market and electricity transmission networks in the NEM, and enforcement of the National Electricity Law and National Electricity Rules.

Clean Energy Regulator
The Clean Energy Regulator oversees the implementation of the government's mandatory renewable energy target.

Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies
The CO2CRC will research the logistic, technical, financial and environmental issues of storing industrial carbon dioxide emissions in deep geological formations. Stanwell is an industry partner in this CRC.

ENERGEX manages energy distribution networks and delivers energy products and services throughout eastern Australia and in New Zealand.

Ergon Energy
Ergon Energy manages energy distribution networks and retails various energy products to customers in Queensland and other states of Australia.

Generator Efficiency Standards
The objectives of the Generator Efficiency Standards (GES) measure are to achieve movement towards best practice in the efficiency of fossil-fuelled electricity generation, and to deliver reductions in the greenhouse gas intensity of energy supply.

National Pollutant Inventory
The National Pollutant Inventory provides the community, industry and government with free information about substance emissions in Australia. These emissions should be considered in the context of emission rates and effects on the receiving environment.

Wet Tropics Management Authority
To provide for the implementation of Australia's international duty to protect, conserve, present, rehabilitate and transmit to future generations the Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area, within the meaning of the World Heritage Convention.