Mica Creek Power Station

Mica Creek Power Station is situated near Mount Isa in the heart of Queensland's North West Mineral Province and is the sole source of power to the region.

Mica Creek supplies electricity to the region's mining industry, as well as Mount Isa, Cloncurry and the surrounding communities.

The gas-fired Mica Creek Power Station is comprised of 12 units capable of generating up to 302 MW of electricity.

Mica Creek Power Station was originally coal-fired, however a project to expand and convert the power station from coal-fired to gas-fired combustion was completed in 2000, ending a 40-year history of coal-fired electricity generation.

Conversion from coal to gas resulted in a 43 per cent reduction in Mica Creek's greenhouse gas emissions, as well as significant reductions in particulate and sulphur dioxide emissions.

Mica Creek Power Station fact sheet