At Stanwell, we understand that our ability to generate electricity is, in large part, dependent on the support of the communities in which we operate.

We are also aware of the impacts our operations can have on these communities.

We take great care to ensure the community knows the people who run our power stations and how they can access information about our operations.

Above all, we are keen to earn and maintain the welcome of the local community.

We also love to hear about ideas to make our host communities more vibrant, prosperous and inclusive. Find out more about Stanwell’s community investment and sponsorship programs.

As we go about our business of generating electricity, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously.

We are upfront and open in addressing environmental concerns as they arise.

We also comply with and report against stringent regulations at all of our sites.

Our Environment Policy means that you can, and should, expect every Stanwell employee to act in an environmentally responsible way.

Talk to us

Want to talk to someone about an environmental or community issue? Call our Toll Free Hotline 1800 300 351. Alternatively, use our online form and we will get in contact with you to discuss your enquiry.

Shutdown roster

Are you planning an event in your community and need to book accommodation in local hotel/motels?

Our shutdown roster is updated regularly so that you know when demand for accommodation will be high in your region.

Tarong Power Stations
Tarong North Power Station Mini Shutdown 12 May to 28 May 2018
Tarong Power Station Unit 3 28 September to 27 November 2018
Tarong Power Station Unit 2 3 May to 1 July 2019
Tarong Power Station Unit 4 2 October to 30 November 2019 TBC
Tarong Power Station Unit 1 2 October to 26 November 2019 TBC
Tarong North Power Station Major Shutdown 1 May to 11 June 2019 TBC


Stanwell Power Station
Stanwell Power Station Unit 4 24 June to 8 September 2018
Stanwell Power Station Unit 1 7 July to 22 September 2019
Stanwell Power Station Unit 2 12 July to 6 September 2020
Stanwell Power Station Unit 3 1 August to 26 September 2021
Stanwell Power Station Unit 4 17 July to 11 September 2022

Please note dates are subject to change due to conditions in the National Electricity Market at the time. Dates can be confirmed closer to the time of the outage by calling (07) 4160 9233.