Release of Information Publication Scheme

Stanwell is committed to being proactive and timely in releasing information to the public relating to our operations and day-to-day business while still protecting information that is commercial-in-confidence. 
By adopting the Queensland Government's 'push' model for the release of information into the public domain, Stanwell provides the public with access to information about Stanwell via the below Release of Information Publication Scheme.  For ease of reference, information available is categorised into the following seven classes: About Us; Our Services; Our Finances; Our Priorities; Our Decisions; Our Policies; and Our Lists.

If you require additional information about the Release of Information Publication Scheme, please contact our Company Secretary on 1800 671 902 or email

Classes of information

 Information Available

About Us

(Who we are and What we do)

Organisational Information

Our Structure

  • Shareholding Ministers
  • Board of Directors
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Executive Leadership Team

Corporate Governance

o Stanwell Corporation Limited

o Energy Portfolio 1 Pty Ltd

o Glen Wilga Coal Pty Ltd

o Goondi Energy Pty Ltd

o  Mica Creek Pty Ltd

o SCL North West Pty Ltd

o Tarong Energy Corporation Pty Ltd

o Tarong Fuel Pty Ltd

o Tarong North Pty Ltd

o TEC Coal Pty Ltd

o TN Power Pty Ltd

Annual Reports

Our Services

(Services we offer)

Media and Resources

Our Finances

(What we spend and How we spend it)

Annual Audited Financial Statements

Audit Results

Procurement Processes

    Our Priorities

    (What our priorities are and How we are doing) 

    2013-14 Statement of Corporate Intent (as tabled in parliament)

    Performance Indicators

    Our Decisions

    (How we make decisions)

    Board Delegations of Authority Policy

    CEO Manual of Authorities

    Our Policies

    (Our policies and procedures)

    Code of Conduct

    Community Sponsorships

    Corporate Entertainment and Hospitality Policy

    Customer Service and Complaints

    Delivering Services

    Environment Policy

    Procurement Policy


    Release of Information Publication Scheme Policy

    Travel Policy

    Our Lists

    (Lists and registers)

    Publicly Available Information Register

    Disclosure Log