Tarong North Power Station

Tarong North is a single 443 MW advanced cycle coal-fired unit adjacent to Tarong Power Station.

The station utilises supercritical boiler technology resulting in it being one of the most efficient and environmentally responsible fossil-fuel power stations in Australia. 

The supercritical boiler design it employs increases efficiency and reduces emissions by utilising higher steam pressures and temperatures, which convert more of the heat energy from the coal into electrical energy.

Tarong North uses bag filter technology, which reduces particulate emissions (ash and dust emitted from the chimney stack) and assists the station to meet best practice environment standards.

Both Tarong power stations receive coal from nearby Meandu Mine via a conveyor. The stations also interface at the supply points for fuel oil, hydrogen, demineralised water, drinking water, sewage, ash disposal, and cooling tower blowdown.

Tarong North is supplied with raw water from the South East Queensland Water Grid.

Tarong Power Stations fact sheet