Stanwell is a Queensland Government-owned energy business.

We are an electricity generator. We own and operate Stanwell Power Station west of Rockhampton, the Tarong power stations and Meandu Mine near Kingaroy.

Our people work hard every day to generate electricity to keep the lights on in Queensland and power jobs and industry.

We have a retail business which sells electricity to large commercial and industrial customers in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT. Stanwell also earns revenue through the international sale of coal.

All of Stanwell’s profits are paid to the Queensland Government, to fund vital services such as schools and hospitals.

We’ve contributed Queensland’s economic growth over decades through job creation and investment and powering industry.

We employ 700 direct employees, 400 indirect employees (at our Meandu Mine), and thousands  of contractors who provide support for our site services and unit outages. 

Piper Alderman has launched a class action against Stanwell and another Queensland Government owned energy company, CS Energy. 

The proposed class action is opportunistic and entrepreneurial, funded by an international litigation funder that treats class actions as a means of generating profits. 

We understand that Piper Alderman is alleging Stanwell misused its market power to influence wholesale electricity prices.

We strongly refute any allegation of misuse of market power.

We are confident we have acted in accordance with the extensive rules which govern the National Electricity Market, and we have always been transparent in our trading activities.

Stanwell will vigorously defend the class action in court, which will no doubt be a long and complex process.

We are proud of the hard work our people do every day to generate electricity which keeps the lights on and powers jobs and industry in Queensland.

Richard Van Breda, Chief Executive Officer

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