The Energy Charter

Stanwell, along with energy businesses across the energy supply chain, has committed to The Energy Charter to progress the culture and solutions required to deliver energy in line with community expectations. The vision of The Energy Charter is to deliver energy for a better Australia.

About our Disclosure Report

Our first Energy Charter Disclosure is a significant milestone for us.

It represents:

  • an acknowledgement of where we can improve;
  • a commitment to get better in those areas;
  • a recognition that we are doing some things well and that these provide a good foundation for further improvement;
  • and a shift in the way we think and talk about our business – from focusing on us to focusing on our customers.

The Energy Charter also includes case studies which outline the steps we’re taking to deliver on The Energy Charter principles.

Read our Disclosure Report

Read our full Disclosure Report below or click here to download. 

We value your opinion. If you wish to provide feedback on our Energy Charter Disclosure Report, please contact us at

Below you will find a number of case studies which outline the steps we’re taking to deliver energy in keeping with customer and community expectations.


Oct 19

Aligning our vision and strategy to serve energy users

Stanwell’s vision, Together we create energy solutions, commits us to working with our customers, neighbours, host communities, business partners, regulators and owners to evolve the way we do business, so...
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Oct 19

Ensuring our operations address environmental and social expectations

Environmental management, including air quality at and around our sites, is important to our neighbours, local communities and our people. More broadly, how our emissions contribute to air pollution and...
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Oct 19

The move to transparently report our emissions

The electricity sector remains the largest emitting industry in Australia. Stanwell is a significant contributor. In the 2017/18: For Oxides of Nitrogen and fine particulate matter, Stanwell Power Station and...
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Oct 19

Sustainable water practices, a top priority for Tarong power stations

Water is an essential requirement for electricity generation. Over the past 18 months, we have evolved our operations to ensure sustainable water management and use at our sites. Our decision-making...
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