As Queensland transitions to 80 per cent renewable energy by 2035, Stanwell is building the clean energy future. This investment creates opportunities for our people and communities.

This transition is supported by two of Australia’s most reliable and efficient electricity generators, the coal-fired Tarong power stations near Kingaroy, and Stanwell Power Station west of Rockhampton.

Between 2030 and 2035, we will gradually repurpose our existing power stations into clean energy hubs, capitalising on our skilled workforce, strong network connections and existing infrastructure. Clean energy hubs will provide critical system strength, inertia, firming and storage and help replace the system services that are currently being provided by our coal fired generation units.

This transition aligns with the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan and the Queensland Energy Workers’ Charter as we work to decarbonise the State’s energy system.

At its heart, the energy transition is about people working together to find solutions that bring the greatest mutual benefit. Ensuring our people realise a bright future for themselves and their families is critical. We are delivering on our commitments under the Queensland Energy Workers’ Charter.

We have important work to do to ensure clean energy is available when it is needed. We will use our Future Energy Innovation Training Hub near Stanwell Power Station to first pilot and then train our people in a range of new energy technologies including flow batteries and electrolysers.

The renewable hydrogen industry will play a critical role in the State’s future economy, creating new jobs and enabling Queenslanders to provide clean energy to markets all around the world. Along with our international consortium of partners, we are establishing a new industry in Central Queensland and developing a hub where renewable hydrogen is produced and exported and where industries that consume hydrogen can be located.

In the near term, our existing power stations will continue to reliably generate electricity to keep downward pressure on prices. With over 3,000 MW of renewable generation projects and firming capacity under development, we have an extensive clean energy pipeline coming online.

Stanwell is supporting Queensland now and investing for tomorrow, to provide the spark for a bright future.