Making it easier to lead a healthy lifestyle

15 September 2021

Compensation is more than just your salary – it includes things like health benefits, flexible working arrangements, and leave policies that all factor into the full package.

Manager of People and Culture Services, Pete Johnston, is a big fan of Fitness Passport, a health and fitness program Stanwell is a member of. It gives access to health and fitness facilities as far north as Port Douglas in Queensland, and as far south as Evans Head in New South Wales, and more importantly, across our site host communities in the South Burnett and Rockhampton regions.

“I have an active family, so the four of us, who still live at home, are all members,” Pete said.

“Fitness Passport offers a fixed rate for a family pass which includes myself, my wife, and under 18-year-old daughter. Our over 18-year-old daughter gets a subsidised individual pass.

“This is a great deal, and in my area, I have easy access to multiple gyms and pools.”

Stanwell’s health and wellbeing strategy provides a framework to help promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to our people, improving health, safety, and productivity across our workforce.

“You’re not restricted to being a member of any one single facility, so it’s great for travelling,” said Pete.

“We spend a lot of time up at the Sunshine Coast and Fitness Passport is totally transferable. We can all go to any of the affiliated gyms or pools, no matter where we are.

“We use all the facilities, from the 25 and 50 metre heated pools, to the fitness classes and gym.”

It’s well documented that a healthy lifestyle assists with the prevention of certain conditions and diseases, improves your mood, and promotes overall wellbeing.

Studies have also found that physical exercise and wellbeing helps depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

“Our family have competed in sports all our lives, so fitness and activity has become a habit,” Pete said.

“Obviously, we see the health benefits in staying active, but we’ve also made so many friends through our association sporting teams and fitness groups.”

In recognition of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, Stanwell is committed to supporting our people’s physical health, mental health and wellbeing, across four key areas: core health, mental health, musculoskeletal health, and physical health.

In line with our four key focus areas, the other health and wellbeing initiatives at Stanwell include:

  • Our Employee Assistance Program, through Benestar.
  • Voluntary wellness program reimbursement, including annual reimbursements for flu vaccinations and medical check-ups.
  • Access to the Paraplegic Benefit Fund.
  • Free on-site initiatives including skin checks, body scans, and fitness challenges.
  • Discounted Medibank health insurance.