All of Stanwell’s profits are paid to the Queensland Government, to fund vital services such as schools and hospitals.

Since 2011, Stanwell has delivered more than $2 billion ($2,109,400,000) to the Queensland Government through dividends paid each year.

Since 2012, we have also given almost $2.4 million ($2,396,288.67) to local community groups in the Rockhampton and South Burnett regions, to contribute to projects which deliver a long-term benefits for our host communities.

Stanwell employs 700 direct employees, 400 indirect employees (Meandu Mine), and a number of contractors who provide support for site services and unit outages, who work hard every day to generate electricity to keep the lights on in Queensland and power jobs and industry.

Stanwell is respected throughout Queensland, particularly in the regional communities where it is based.

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