People forums at Stanwell Power Station

31 May 2017

Last week members of our Executive Leadership Team including Richard Van Breda, Steve Quilter and Andy Richardson (pictured above with Site Manager James Oliver and some of our first year apprentices), visited Stanwell Power Station as part of our six-monthly employee forums.

Forum conversations focus on the important issues facing our business, market updates and the role we play in a rapidly changing energy industry.

Our Chief Operating Officer Andy Richardson, who joined our business in January, had this to say about his first employee forum:
“The advice was nobody knows everything, and to never stop learning. It was such a pleasure to meet our next generation of energy professionals, full of enthusiasm and curiosity. Welcome to the Stanwell family and good luck with your futures; they are what you make them.”

Connor Jacobs, a first year apprentice, had these impressions following the visit:
“It was great to catch up with our executives and have a relaxed conversation about how we’re settling in, our rotational program and the teams we’ve been assigned to.”

Later this week, the forums will see our executives visit Swanbank Power in Ipswich in south-east Queensland, and Kareeya and Barron Gorge hydros in North Queensland.