Mica Creek Power Station continues to provide reliable energy for the region’s mining industry

31 March 2020

Mica Creek Power Station, six kilometres outside Mount Isa, increased its generation in 2018/19 to supply electricity to the mining and minerals industry in north-west Queensland.

While the gas-fired power station has been servicing the region for almost 60 years, it was in cold storage from February 2016 until mid-2017, due to reduced demand.

Mica Creek Power Station Site Manager, Paul Smith, said the site sent out 319 GWh of energy in 2018/19 to service customers, compared to 116 GWh in 2017/18.

“Mica Creek is a reliable and efficient gas-fired power station, with a 218 MW capacity to power industrial customers in north-west Queensland,” Mr Smith said.

“While our emissions increased between 2017/18 and 2018/19, this was primarily a result of our increasing generation to meet our customers’ needs.

“We’ve made significant investments to ensure the site continues to meet statutory and environmental compliance requirements while operating as efficiently as possible.”

Mr Smith said Stanwell’s focus will be on safe and efficient operations to ensure Mica Creek Power Station continues to meet its customers’ energy needs.

Mica Creek Power Station is in the heart of Queensland’s North West minerals province. It was first commissioned as a coal-fired power station in 1960, with 12 subsequent units commissioned. A project to expand and convert the power station from coal to lower emission gas-fired combustion was completed in 2000.

Today, Mica Creek provides power to new and existing customers in the North West. It has supplied electricity to the region’s mining industry, as well as Mount Isa, Cloncurry and the surrounding communities.

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