Coal combustion products (also known as CCPs) are solid waste materials produced when coal is burned to generate electricity.

Using coal combustion products conserves natural resources, saves energy and reduces associated carbon emissions, and contributes towards an efficient circular economy.

Ash offtake facility at Tarong Power Station

Fly ash is a by-product from the coal-fired power generation process. It can be used as a partial substitute to replace or supplement conventional cement in the manufacture of concrete, providing environmental benefits and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

A state-of-the-art fly ash offtake and processing facility is being constructed at Tarong Power Station. The fly ash facility is expected to have the capacity to produce 400,000 tonnes of high-grade fly ash product each year.

The ash offtake facility will enable:

  • direct offtake of ash as a cement replacement product
  • support the development of sustainable products
  • improve CCP management practices at Tarong Power Station
  • reduce the amount of ash stored onsite.

The ash offtake facility is currently under construction. Operations are expected to commence in July 2021.

Stanwell Power Station road repair demonstration

We have worked in partnership with the Ash Development Association of Australia and Capricorn Enterprise to identify and facilitate increased ash utilisation in major infrastructure projects within the Central Queensland region, including a road repair demonstration using coal combustion products at the Stanwell Power Station.

The road repair area is now being used as a case study for further projects in the region. We are working with local councils and civil contractors to investigate options to incorporate coal combustion products into modern road design and construction.

Cenosphere harvesting

Cenospheres are a naturally occurring by-product of fly ash that has a range of industrial uses including ceramics, plastics, resins, and paints. They are small, hollow, hard-shelled, ultra-low-density spheres that float on ash storage dams.

Cenospheres are harvested at Meandu Mine and the Tarong power stations. Stanwell cenospheres have unique properties not usually found in other sources of cenospheres, offering high compressive strength superior color (pure white), chemical properties and a very high heat resistance (melting point).

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