We are evolving our portfolio to include renewable and low emission energy sources.

To support this, we are pursuing opportunities to:

  • invest in the development of renewable energy projects in Queensland;
  • purchase offtake from Queensland renewable energy projects; and
  • provide network services that support the growth of renewable energy projects in Queensland.

Wind energy

Wind energy creates electricity by using the wind to provide mechanical power through wind turbines to turn electric generators.

Clarke Creek Wind Farm

We have entered into a long-term 348 MW offtake agreement with Clarke Creek Wind Farm. The agreement will enable us to provide clean, renewable energy to our customers and decarbonise our portfolio.

Clarke Creek Wind Farm is located approximately 150 km north-west of Rockhampton.

Construction of the two-stage project is expected to commence in 2021, with the clean energy generated expected to flow into the grid from 2023.

The project will:

  • boost local employment – up to 350 jobs will be created during construction and up to 15 full time jobs will be maintained once the wind farm is operational;
  • support economic development – benefits to the local economy are estimated to be $130 million over the project lifetime with direct local spend to include a $200,000 per year community fund; and
  • make a significant contribution to Queensland’s 50 per cent Renewable Energy Target.