Concentrated solar thermal technology uses mirrors (known as heliostats) to concentrate sunlight, heat a fluid, and produce steam to power a turbine to generate electricity.

Unlike traditional solar energy generation, the heat captured can be stored which means that electricity can still be generated when the sun isn’t shining.

North West Queensland Hybrid Power Project

We have partnered with Vast Solar to undertake a feasibility study into a concentrated solar thermal power plant to be located at Mount Isa.

Assuming positive results from the feasibility study, the North West Queensland Hybrid Power Project would be the world’s first integrated 50 MW solar hybrid baseload power plant.

The project would combine Vast Solar’s unique modular tower concentrating thermal power technology with photovoltaic (PV), battery and gas engine generator to deliver clean, reliable and dispatchable renewable energy to customers in the North West Power System.

The joint feasibility study is expected to be completed in late-2021, with approvals expected in early-2022, followed by a two-year construction phase. Early generation would start in early-2023 due to a staggered build plan.

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