Hydrogen is a clean energy carrier that can be used in transport, power generation and a range of industrial processes, including products for the mining and agricultural sectors.

We are exploring opportunities for hydrogen to be a part of our portfolio as Queensland transitions to the energy market of the future.

We are collaborating with key partners to help drive down the cost of hydrogen technologies and support the development of the industry.

Opportunities and benefits

The growth of a green hydrogen export industry will:

  • create jobs and investment;
  • support electricity security and reliability; and
  • underpin renewable energy growth and investment.

Hydrogen projects

We’re driving the development of a renewable hydrogen industry in Central Queensland.

Central Queensland Renewable Hydrogen (CQ-H2) project

We are working with domestic and international partners from across the hydrogen supply chain to develop large-scale renewable hydrogen production in Central Queensland.

Central Queensland Hydrogen Hub

We are working together with local, national and international companies and organisations to ensure a collaborative and coordinated approach to the planning and development of the hydrogen industry in Central Queensland.

10 MW demonstration plan feasibility study

With the support of ARENA, we conducted a feasibility study into a 10 MW hydrogen demonstration plant at Stanwell Power Station.

More information

For more information or to discuss opportunities to participate in hydrogen industry development within Central Queensland, contact hydrogen@stanwell.com.

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