Summer is here – so are the warmer days and summer storms. We are ready to respond. 

No matter what the season, we’re always ready.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week our priority is providing reliable energy for Queensland.  We invest in our assets to improve efficiency and maintain high performance, so we can provide the energy Queenslanders need, in every season.

And when the summer heat begins to kick-in and energy demand increases, our assets are well-prepared take on the challenge and provide reliable power for Queensland.   

Summer brings with it a natural increase in energy consumption as homes and businesses power through longer, hotter days. 

Summer in Queensland also brings the risk of extreme weather events, like bushfires, floods and storms, placing further strain on the energy network. 

With this year’s forecast La Nina event posing greater risk of extreme temperatures, our summer readiness preparation is essential for our energy assets to provide reliable power for Queensland.

Our summer readiness program is a year-long investment: our asset maintenance, secure coal supply and climate resilience planning means our people and our assets are well-prepared to take on the challenge of summer.

Summer Supply

Warmer days are here Stanwell’s coal fired power stations are operating at over 98% reliability – the most reliable energy supply in Australia. 

We operate two of Australia’s most reliable and efficient coal-fired power stations – Tarong Power Stations near Kingaroy, and Stanwell Power Station west of Rockhampton. 

Our reliability and efficiency don’t just happen – this financial year we will invest more than $230 million to maintain our reliable energy supply and keep a downward pressure on energy prices. 

This includes two planned shutdowns of Stanwell Power Station and Tarong Power Station valued at $92 million to undertake essential maintenance and ensure they are ready to go the distance during the peak demand of summer, and beyond.  

Summer coal supplies are on target  

We own the fuel supply for our Tarong power stations which comes from our Meandu Mine. We have strong relationships and contracts with coal suppliers for our Stanwell Power Station. These supplies provide the security needed to keep Queensland supplied with reliable coal-fired energy during summer.

Throughout the year, we continually monitor our fuel supplies to ensure we can cater for energy demand.   

As we head into the peak demands of summer, our coal supplies have surpassed summer readiness targets, meaning both Tarong power stations and Stanwell Power Station have secure stockpiles to meet forecast demand. 

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