About Meandu Mine

Meandu Mine is an open-cut coal mine in the South Burnett, owned by Stanwell and operated by BUMA Australia, under strict safety and environmental conditions. Located in the South Burnett, the mine supplies black thermal coal to the adjacent Tarong power stations.

The King 2 East (K2E) project

The Tarong power stations, which are among the youngest and most reliable generators in the National Electricity Market, will continue to provide a secure supply of electricity as the market transitions towards a lower carbon future.

The K2E project will extend the current Meandu Mine by approximately 187 hectares (a seven per cent increase), within the existing mining lease.

Stanwell has identified the project as the best option for providing coal to the Tarong power stations for their remaining life, which is aligned to the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan and the transition to renewable energy sources. The project has a significantly smaller environmental impact than the establishment of new mining pits or a new coal mine, and will continue to provide substantial commercial and community benefits for Queensland. 

The project triggers the following primary approvals:

  • An Environmental Authority (EA EPML00709113) amendment under the Queensland Environmental Protection Act 1994;
  • Approval for additional surface area under the Queensland Mineral Resources Act 1989; and
  • The project was granted controlled action status by the Commonwealth Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW) under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 in September 2021, to be assessed by preliminary documentation. Public comment on the preliminary documentation will be invited following the DCCEEW’s review.
  • In November 2022, DCCEEW invited Stanwell to comment on a request by the Environment Council of Central Queensland (ECoCeQ) for the controlled action status to be reviewed. The Minister for the Environment and Water’s review of that controlled action decision is ongoing.

Associated approvals under State legislation are also required and include:

  • Regional Interest Development Approval (RIDA) under the Regional Planning Interest Act 2014 (RPI Act); and
  • Appropriate applications will be lodged separately for approval to close impacted portions road.

These and other associated approvals and agreements will be obtained prior to mining activities commencing in the King 2 East additional surface rights area.

Community Engagement

Stanwell continues to work with its neighbours and local community to ensure any concerns or questions about the project are addressed.

Contact details

Please contact our Stakeholder Engagement team on 0456 611 933 for more information.