We have a responsibility to produce and deliver energy that’s reliable, affordable and sustainable.

We are integrating sustainability even more closely into our business processes and culture.

Several state and federal regulations outline how the energy industry should perform, but just complying with regulations is not enough for us.

In early 2018, Stanwell moved from an Environment Policy to an Environmental Sustainability Policy, providing a public statement regarding our environmental position and values, performance intentions and direction. When making business decisions at Stanwell, we give due consideration to environmental consequences and opportunities, in conjunction with social and commercial imperatives.

We have a duty to do everything we can to protect the environment and minimise our impact on it.

This means we will go beyond compliance, whenever it makes sense for us to do so.

An example of our beyond compliance approach, is our recent $2.2 million investment in a continuous emissions monitoring system at Tarong Power Station, to allow us to monitor emissions in real-time. Based on that real-time information, we will be able to minimise our impact on the environment.

Another example is the ‘Flame Engine’ technology we developed at Stanwell Power Station, which has reduced our emissions and delivered significant safety benefits for the site.

We also recently implemented a real-time environmental monitoring network that measures air, noise and vibration at various locations around our Meandu Mine site. This monitoring enabled us to ensure we are being a good neighbour and operating within our Environmental Authority.

We will continue to deliver solutions that balance the needs of the environment and our communities, with the need to deliver reliable and affordable energy.
Watch our new video here to learn more about our approach to environmental sustainability.