We power more than 100,000 Queensland homes with clean energy every year.

Stanwell’s diverse portfolio of power generation assets includes low-emission gas-fired plant and zero-emission hydro power stations. Learn more about our renewable energy assets here.

We provide secure energy to support renewables.

Australians need secure, sustainable energy at prices that reflect value, so businesses and communities can fulfil their potential and prosper. Our portfolio of coal-fired power stations delivers baseload energy to support renewables and underpin the reliability of our electricity supply.

We invest in improving the efficiency of our assets.

From increasing the frequency of our plant maintenance scheduling to installing low emission burners, each year we invest millions of dollars to maximise our efficiency while minimising our impact on our communities.

We’re preparing for a low-carbon future.

We find smart solutions and promote partnerships that help build the energy market of the future. As part of our focus on renewable energy projects we are building a business case for the development of a hydro power station on the Burdekin Dam in North Queensland.