You want your community to be vibrant, prosperous and inclusive, and so do we.

We are eager to match the right sort of help with the right sort of project so that you can realise your vision for a better future.

Stanwell has two types of financial support available for community projects:

Corporate Sponsorship Program

This involves entry-level support for events, activities and/or programs that make a genuine ‘quality of life’ contribution to the community. Read our Application Guidelines to find out if your activity is likely to qualify for sponsorship support. If so, then complete an Application Form and submit it to us at least four weeks before the date of your event or project.

Available for communities closest to our assets – Stanwell Power Station, Tarong power stations and Meandu Mine.

Community Partnership Fund

This is for community organisations in the South Burnett and the communities surrounding Stanwell Power Station near Rockhampton. It is dedicated to projects that are long-term, have a broad scope, and involve multiple parties or service multiple community needs.

The Stanwell Power Station Community Fund and Tarong Community Partnership Fund are principally interested in building community economic capacity, preparedness and resilience in the communities surrounding the power stations. To be considered for the above funds your project must meet at least ONE (1) of the following criteria:

Facilitates a collaborative approach to social connectedness

The project involves a collaborative partnership with other service providers and maximises existing social infrastructure and improve overall community connectedness.

Leads to increased employment

The project creates or sustains meaningful jobs and imparts ‘future ready’ skills that enable a community to navigate planned or unplanned change.

Improves access to and/or sustainability of existing critical services

The project delivers improved access to services that support those most in need. It does not jeopardise the viability of other services.

Enhances educational opportunities and personal leadership

The project provides skills and leadership capacity development that supports the community for the long term.

Builds community economic capacity, preparedness and resilience

The project takes a collaborative approach to addressing an emerging challenge recognised in one or more regional community or economic development plans.

If you would like any further information or an application form for the Tarong Community Partnership Fund, please contact Marketing and Communication Coordinator Karen Wall on (07) 4160 9251 or Community Relations Manager John Carey on (07) 4160 9165.

If you would like any further information on the Stanwell Power Station Community Fund or an application form, please contact Marketing and Communication Advisor Jessica Powell on (07) 4930 3634.

Contact the Community Relations team  

If you want to speak directly to one of our Community Relations team members please call (07) 4160 9165 (South Burnett) or (07) 4930 3634 (Central Queensland) or email

You can also contact us using our online enquiry form.