Sparking a bright future – supporting our communities.

You want your community to be vibrant, prosperous, and inclusive, and so do we!

Stanwell has two types of financial support available for non-profit groups, including schools or educational institutions, organisations, clubs , associations and charities.

Our Community Sponsorship Program is open all year round across all our sites. Think events, community projects or activities.

The Community Partnership Funds are open during designated times throughout the year and will be advertised through our social channels.  Think infrastructure, building community economic capacity, preparedness and resilience.

Apply here for the Community Sponsorship Program

Stanwell is committed to supporting activities that make a genuine ‘quality of life’ contribution to the communities that host our assets in the South Burnett and Rockhampton regions.

The activities we support will generally be events or initiatives that are short to medium-term in nature.


To be considered eligible for funding through Stanwell’s Community Sponsorship Program, you must demonstrate that your activity meets a set of minimum criteria, including:

  • Being relevant to a specific region in which Stanwell operates including Stanwell Power Station, Tarong Power Station and Meandu Mine.
  • Having broad appeal to people within that region.
  • Align with one or more of our investment areas;
    • Arts and culture
    • Community resilience (economic, safety & sustainability)
    • First Nations engagement (in alignment with priorities of Traditional Owner groups)
    • Healthy, active, and connected communities
    • Education and training
    • Youth development programs
  • Not endorsing a private sector or political organisation, or a particular brand or product.
  • Not requiring a commitment beyond three years at the time of application.
  • Not solely benefitting an individual.
  • Being delivered by a capable organisation.

When to apply

Applications can be submitted at any time, but it is advisable that you allow sufficient lead time to ensure your activity receives due consideration and for Stanwell to realise the value of benefits being offered. A minimum of eight weeks before the funds are required is recommended.

The process

We aim to provide a final decision within four weeks of receiving your application. You will receive this in writing via the email you provided on your application.


Stanwell’s Community Sponsorship Program has a fixed budget for each financial year that must be balanced across multiple communities and activity types. This means that some applications will not be successful, regardless of their quality and suitability.

Applications may generally be resubmitted at a future round (if recommended), however a project will only receive funding once. Ongoing costs associated with projects will not be funded.

Apply here for the Tarong Community Partnership Fund

Tarong Community Partnership Fund is open between 24 July 2023 to 15 September 2023.

Apply here for the Stanwell Community Partnership Fund

The Stanwell Community Partnership Fund is open between 11 September 2023 to 16 October 2023.

About the Community Partnership Fund 

The Stanwell Community Partnership Fund is principally interested in building community economic capacity, preparedness and resilience. Targeted funding areas are those communities closest to Stanwell Power Station in Rockhampton and Tarong Power Station and Meandu Mine, in the South Burnett.


Section A:

To be considered for our Community Partnership Fund, your project must meet all THREE (3) of the below measures:

  • Be in the final stages of planning (Please note: For a project to be considered in the ‘final stages of planning’, any building or facility upgrades must have received appropriate approvals by the necessary governing body.  Alterations to services (plumbing, drainage, gas and electrical) do require approval and inspection by the relevant authority, but may not require planning or building approval).
  • Be overseen by a registered organisation.
  • Your project will create something enduring within the region.

Section B:

As well as meeting ONE (1) of the following criteria:

  • Facilitates a collaborative approach to social connectedness – your project involves a collaborative partnership with other service providers and maximises existing social infrastructure and improves overall community connectedness.
  • Leads to increased employment – your project creates or sustains meaningful jobs and imparts ‘future ready’ skills that enable a community to navigate planned or unplanned change.
  • Improves access to and/or sustainability of existing critical services – your project delivers improved access to services that support those most in need.  It does not jeopardise the viability of other services.
  • Enhances educational opportunities and personal leadership – your project provides skills and leadership capacity development that supports the community for the long term.
  • Builds community economic capacity, preparedness and resilience – your project takes a collaborative approach to addressing an emerging challenge recognised in one of more regional community or economic development plans.

Application Guide Exclusions

Stanwell will generally not support the following:

  • Individual teams or individuals in an event.
  • events or projects that have already taken place.
  • political campaigns or events.
  • ongoing day-to-day costs for an organisation or group.
  • events that promote alcohol, bullying or gambling or mistreatment of animals.
  • events or projects that directly benefit Stanwell employees or contractors.
  • more than one donation to the same organisation or group in a calendar year.

The decision process 

Whose decision is it?Funding is awarded by a Community Partnership Fund Panel, which is comprised of senior Stanwell representatives and a minimum of three invited business, education, health, local government, or community representatives. This approach ensures that the potential benefits and impacts of any application are considered from a community perspective.

When do they meet?The panel meets following the close of each funding round, and their decisions are final.

What are the possible outcomes?Decisions may include:

  • A request for more information and postponing a decision until the next round.
  • awarding a different amount than that requested.
  • transferring an application to be considered under Stanwell’s Community Sponsorship Program* (*This sponsorship focuses on events and short-term activities that make a positive “quality of life” contribution to the communities in which Stanwell operates).

Will I hear back even if my project isn’t successful?All applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome of their application within five (5) business days from the date of the panel meeting.

Successful applicants 

Successful applicants will receive a letter that clearly outlines the obligations of each party and the conditions tied to the funding, and acceptance of funds will be taken as acknowledgement that you accept these obligations and conditions.

Obligations may include the requirement to take part in an end-of-project debrief and/or provide a written report.


The Community Partnership Fund operates within a set budget each financial year and funding is prioritised. This means that some projects will not be successful, regardless of the quality of the application.

Applications may generally be resubmitted at a future round (if recommended), however a project will only receive funding once. Ongoing costs associated with projects will not be funded.

Please note: If your application is submitted to the wrong fund, we will need to decline and you will be required to resubmit to the correct fund.

Need some more information?

Any further questions regarding the fund or the Community Partnership Fund, please contact the Stakeholder Engagement team by email:

Contact the Stakeholder Engagement team  

If you want to speak directly to one of our team members please call (07) 4160 9251 (South Burnett) or (07) 4930 3634 (Central Queensland) or email

You can also contact us using our online enquiry form.