Stanwell helps guide the next generation of STEM professionals

18 September 2019

Students at Tanduringie, Cooyar and Benarkin State School’s in South Burnett recently participated in the Small Schools STEM Challenge, an educational and practical activity that tested their STEM-related skillsets in a variety of fun ways.

As part of the preparation for the challenge, members of the Stanwell team from Tarong power stations and Meandu Mine were invited by the schools to participate and provide expert advice and guidance as the youngsters continue to develop their young minds.

Senior Geologist, Nathan Ferdinands and Performance Engineer, Jeroen Beijsens gave students an insight into our processes at Stanwell.

The aim of the event was to give students in the region hands-on experience with STEM-related activities and to equip them with problem solving techniques so they can approach projects with some out-of-the-square thinking.

Students built, tested, and reported on a variety of projects for the challenge, including wind turbines, bridges, racing cars, and boats.

Some of our volunteers even got in on the action and designed their own cars. The jury is out on who had the most fun!

Some of the “big kids” from Tarong power stations and Meandu Mine seen having some fun while providing advice and guidance to students during the challenge. Pictured (L-R): Performance Engineer, Jeroen Beijsens and Mechanical Engineer, Steven Spencer.

Stanwell is proud to support the next generation of STEM professionals and will continue to look for opportunities to provide them with the foundational skills and confidence to explore a career in STEM-related industries.