Stanwell Power Station Community Fund recipients announced

12 February 2021

For Stanwell, powering Queensland is about more than just providing electricity – it’s about empowering the communities in which we operate to be vibrant, prosperous, and inclusive. 

The Stanwell Power Station Community Partnership Fund helps bright sparks to realise their vision for a better future. It’s dedicated to helping projects that build social connectedness, lead to increased employment, improve access to critical services, enhance educational opportunities or build economic capacity, preparedness and resilience in the communities surrounding Stanwell Power Station near Rockhampton. 

Stanwell is proud to announce the six successful applicants for the 2020/21 Stanwell Power Station Community Partnership Fund. 

Wycarbah Progress Association

The Community Partnership Fund will enable the Wycarbah Progress Association, a community organisation dedicated to serving the interests of local residents, to paint the interior of Wycarbah Hall – a vital component of their plan to revitalise the space.  

An important local landmark, Wycarbah Hall serves as a meeting space for multiple groups, including organisations that work closely with Rockhampton Regional Council. The upgrades being carried out by the Wycarbah Progress Association with Stanwell’s assistance will enhance the hall’s appeal for hire, ensuring the group are able to continue to generate income for the community into the future. 

This is particularly important in the current climate, as small community groups all over Australia have seen their capacity to raise funds reduced by COVID-19. 

Stanwell State School P&C & Westwood State School P&C

Stanwell State School and Westwood State School play integral roles in their respective communities – and both schools are fortunate to have dedicated and tireless Parents & Citizens’ Associations (P&Cs). 

The Community Partnership Fund will enable the P&Cs to make upgrades to each school’s tuckshop. In rural areas, tuckshops play an important role in times of crisis by providing a space for the preparation of meals for impacted individuals and emergency services. 

The upgrades will also bolster the schools’ health curriculums with a practical food preparation component – an important life skill for all students.

Perhaps most importantly, the upgrades to the tuckshops will enhance the P&Cs’ ability to raise funds and support community events and activities hosted at the school.

Kalapa Hall and Sports Committee 

The Kalapa Hall and Sports Committee has big plans, and Stanwell is proud to be able to help make them happen. 

Funding will enable the Committee to purchase a water tank stand, which is part of a bigger project that includes the installation of a donated windmill and piping to connect with and enhance the local water supply. 

As well as the hall building and grounds, the enhanced water supply will be utilised by the Kalapa Rural Fire Brigade. The improved water connection will allow the Committee to maintain upkeep of the hall’s grounds during times of drought, and increase the water storage capability for the fire brigade. 

Stanwell Hall and Progress Association 

The Stanwell Hall and Progress Association’s volunteers are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the hall grounds, as well as the adjacent cemetery.  The Association has been progressively working through a plan to replace and refresh community facilities.

While the hall only gets better with age, the same could not be said for the mower. The Community Partnership Fund will enable the purchase of a new ride on mower and ensure the hall’s grounds are safely and efficiently maintained in line with the association’s plan to progressively refresh community facilities.

Westwood Progress Association 

There’s no ceiling on what the Westwood Progress Association can do – literally.

The Community Partnership Fund will enable the installation of a suspended ceiling and ceiling fans, which will allow local volunteers to more easily maintain hall for community events. 

The hall is currently used for several annual events, but with upgrades underway to reinvigorate the hall as a community hub, the Westwood Progress Association anticipates the venue hosting more regular events in the future. 

How to apply 

Our Stanwell Power Station Community Fund supports projects that build connected, resilient and future-ready communities. Are you taking part in a project that’s enriching the community?

For more information on the Stanwell Power Station Community Partnership Fund or an application form, please contact Marketing and Communication Advisor Emily Raguse on (07) 4930 3634 or click here for more details