How Stanwell is keeping families safe and lights on

9 April 2020

(Story sourced from South Burnett Times)

Even though the nature of the job means many cannot work from home, Stanwell is committed to keeping lights on across the state.

Tarong power stations and Meandu Mine is responding to and implementing a range of measures to ensure the safety of their staff, families and communities in which they operate during the coronavirus pandemic.

Stanwell General Manager Generation, Brad Perry, said the wellbeing of employees, their families and the South Burnett community was a priority.

“We are working everyday to ensure we are up-to-date with the latest health advice and reflecting any changes within our workplace procedures,” he said.

“The nature of our business means some of our people are unable to work from home, however, we have implemented strict controls to manage their safety while on site.”

Stanwell has promoted physical distancing, non-essential travel and meetings have been either rescheduled, cancelled or undertaken on virtual platforms.

They have increased cleaning protocols and time and spacing restrictions for onsite meetings.

Mr Perry said as well as the health and safety of its people, Stanwell was focused on maintaining security of the electricity supply for Queensland.

“We have a critical role to play in the continuity of electricity supply to the people of Queensland,” he said.

“Our people have been proactive in applying the pandemic response measures, as they understand the criticality of our service.

“They continue to practice measures, such as physical distancing, both at work and outside of work, so they can continue to keep the lights on across Queensland.”

Stanwell will remain in close contact with relevant authorities and communities to ensure the safety and security of electricity supply.