Kuranda Weir water levels increasing

3 May 2018

Water levels of the Kuranda Weir have been increasing towards normal levels since 7.30 am today (Thursday), after a technical malfunction caused water levels to drop to 2.8m early this morning. This reduced Barron River water levels upstream of the weir.

On Wednesday evening the water level in the weir was reduced in order to ensure the safety of divers clearing the debris which had resulted from recent floods. A technical issue resulted in more water being released than was required.

Barron Gorge Hydro Power Station Manager Tim Hogan said the weir was now refilling and water levels would rise to normal conditions by this evening.

“Stanwell is investigating the cause of the malfunction and taking immediate steps to address the issue,” said Mr Hogan.

“Water levels in the weir fell to 2.8m early this morning. While we usually ensure a minimum 4.5m, we have previously lowered levels in order to carry out inspections and maintenance work.

“Given the short-term nature of this incident, we don’t expect any environmental impacts. We are taking this seriously and undertaking a thorough investigation.

“We’ll continue to monitor conditions and work with local tourism operators whose businesses have been affected today.”

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