New deal supports solar project to get on the grid

15 October 2019

An innovative network support agreement between Stanwell Corporation Limited (Stanwell) and Pacific Hydro’s Haughton Solar Farm will see Kareeya Hydro Power Station support the 100 MW North Queensland solar project.

Through the operation of Kareeya Hydro Power Station, Stanwell is providing network support services which add strength to the grid and enable the Haughton Solar Farm to generate in compliance with generator performance standards.

Stanwell Chief Executive Officer Richard Van Breda said the agreement could set the scene for more renewable energy projects to connect to the grid and provide clean and green energy to Queensland.

“Stanwell is exploring opportunities to evolve and renew our energy generation portfolio in response to the market and to support the Queensland Government’s 50 per cent renewable energy target,” Mr Van Breda said.

“This includes exploring opportunities to provide network services that enable renewable energy projects to generate while also safeguarding security of supply to Queenslanders,” Mr Van Breda said.

“Our agreement with Pacific Hydro sees Kareeya Hydro Power Station in North Queensland providing Haughton Solar Farm the necessary network support to manage the operational obligations it faces to get up and running.

“The arrangement provides stability to the project and allows Haughton Solar Farm to generate in a region which is subject to lower system strength levels.”

The ownership of Kareeya Power Station will transfer to CleanCo Queensland from 31 October 2019.

“Regardless of the assets within our portfolio, we will continue to use our flexible energy generation assets throughout the state to maintain a reliable, affordable and secure supply of electricity for Queenslanders while also facilitating the introduction of renewables to the grid and supporting Queensland’s transition to a lower carbon future,” Mr Van Breda said.

Pacific Hydro Chief Executive Officer Rachel Watson said the innovation in grid support would provide many benefits to ensure the project’s ongoing success.

“The agreement with Stanwell will make it easier for the solar farm to operate, which in turn improves the commerciality of the project,” Ms Watson said.

“The agreement with Stanwell really is a win-win. It improves the commerciality of the solar farm and minimises energy system constraints. It’s also exciting we can achieve these benefits by harnessing the water and the sun,” Ms Watson said.

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