Stanwell respond to Moreton Resources ASX statement

24 December 2015
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Stanwell has abundant, economic coal to supply Tarong’s power stations from its adjacent Meandu Mine and Kunioon resource for several more decades.

Through its work since acquiring the Meandu and Kunioon mining tenements in 2008, Stanwell has developed a very detailed knowledge of the resources and identified substantial low cost coal which resulted in Stanwell investing prudently to supply this coal at competitive prices to the power stations.

Stanwell communicated with Moreton Resources in 2014 and subsequently, advising that the Meandu Mine and Kunioon resources contain sufficient, economic coal to support the Tarong power stations until the end of their economic lives. Due to Stanwell’s knowledge of its resources and long term cost focussed mine plan, Stanwell advised Moreton Resources that it was not interested in acquiring coal from the proposed Moreton Resources project.

Based on a review of the information released by Moreton Resources today, Stanwell can see no compelling economic, or any other reason, to revisit its 2014 decision and remains fully committed to maintaining its own mining operations which already deliver substantial economic and social benefits to the South Burnett and will for many years to come.