Appointment of Acting Chief Executive Officer

7 May 2021

I am pleased to announce that the Stanwell Board has appointed Adam Aspinall as Stanwell’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, effective 17 May 2021. Adam will remain in the role while the recruitment process for a new Chief Executive Officer is undertaken.

Adam is a mechanical engineer who commenced his profession with the Queensland Electricity Commission in 1981. During his extensive career in the Queensland generation sector, Adam has worked at Tarong, Callide, Swanbank, Mica Creek and Kogan Creek power stations, and was appointed as a Director of Stanwell in November 2016.

While Adam is looking forward to acting as Stanwell’s Chief Executive Officer, he has indicated to the Board that he does not wish to be considered as a candidate for the permanent role.

Please join me in welcoming Adam to the role of Acting Chief Executive Officer.

Paul Binsted

Non-executive Chair