Like a kid in a (wind turbine) candy store

13 January 2023

Senior Account Manager Energy Markets, Alysha, was like a kid in a candy store at an end of the year visit to Stanwell Energy customer, Queensland Alumina Limited (QAL), in Gladstone.

Alysha was in Gladstone for an operational review of the year when the opportunity came up to see Clarke Creek Wind Farm’s wind turbine blades at Gladstone Ports Corporation.

“I’ve driven past many a wind farm over the past few years, so I knew wind turbines were big, but when you are close to all the parts it really is impressive,” Alysha said.

“The photo is just one arm of the turbine with the rest extending even further. The size of the turbines almost took my breath away and it was so exciting to see them at Gladstone Ports Corporation.”

Alysha was visiting family for Christmas near Rockhampton and decided to make the most of the visit by meeting with QAL.

“Conducting face to face meetings is extremely valuable to everyone when there are discussions around strategic energy solutions and contracts and the opportunity to see the Clarke Creek Wind Farm parts was an added bonus to my visit.”

While there Alysha was able to discuss some of Stanwell’s key projects.

“As renewable energy becomes a key focus of almost all large commercial and industrial businesses it gave me such pride to discuss Clarke Creek Wind Farm, Blue Grass Solar Farm, Wambo Wind Farm, McIntyre Wind Farm and Mt Hopeful. It was a great opportunity to discuss Stanwell’s pipeline of renewable projects.”