Making it all work with flexible arrangements

9 September 2021

People have lives outside of work — so it’s important to be able to manage personal responsibilities, alongside professional ones.

Stanwell recognises that flexibility in work arrangements allows our people to balance work duties along with what’s important in their personal lives.

Stanwell Operational Excellence Specialist, Sean Frawley, is the youngest of seven siblings and has an elderly mum. In his life he balances his role, which includes regular travel across Stanwell’s sites, along with being the primary carer for his mum in Brisbane.

“Flexible work makes a huge difference for me,” Sean said.

“It means I’m able to be a part-time carer for my ninety-one-year-old mum, supporting her wish to remain at home, rather than going into aged care, while still working full-time.

“With the support of my manager, we’ve created an arrangement that works for everyone.”

Sean said having carer obligations means you need to be ready for the unexpected.

“My flexible work arrangements shift each week depending on the requirements of my role (site travel and other priorities) and it’s an approach supported by my manager,” Sean said.

“A typical week for me might include two to three days on site, a day at the Brisbane office, and a day or two working from home.

“I juggle carer activities around that — things can come up that you hadn’t planned for, so every week can look different.”

Sean is a member of Stanwell’s Operational Excellence team, an important group that supports energy generation by developing and delivering tools, systems, and processes to optimise the performance of Stanwell’s generation sites – to ensure our energy is reliable and affordable.

“I’ve been working at Stanwell in the continuous improvement space since 2019 and it has been very rewarding as I get to work with a variety of people across the organisation.” Sean told us.

“It’s a privilege to hear so many different perspectives, particularly from the people keeping the lights on, on the ground, at our Tarong and Stanwell power stations.

“I especially admire their patience with me, as I’m always asking lots of questions and trying to join the dots so I can help. So much so, that I’ve added Contact Officer and Inclusion and Diversity committee member responsibilities to my role!”

Even with these added responsibilities, Sean’s found a way to make it all work.

“Flexible working arrangements, formal or otherwise, may not suit everyone or every role,” Sean said.

“But for me, it’s about working to achieve the objectives of my role, rather than focusing on where I’m physically located, to balance my work and family life!”

Stanwell offers a variety of flexible work options for roles suited to such an arrangement, and recognises that flexible working arrangements contribute to the attraction and retention of skilled and experienced employees.

Flexible arrangements at Stanwell include flexible work hours, part-time work arrangements, the flexible generation roster at our sites, the ability to work from home, job sharing, and additional annual leave purchased throughout the year.

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