More than $5 million invested in Stanwell Power Station to ensure reliable electricity for Queensland

6 July 2018

We are investing $53 million dollars in our Stanwell Power Station, just outside Rockhampton, to ensure it continues to provide secure and reliable electricity to Queenslanders.

The 77-day program, which commenced on Sunday 24 June 2018, includes an overhaul of one of the power station’s generation units.

The overhaul includes a thorough inspection and maintenance program and will coincide with a number of critical projects, including a condenser re-tube and an upgrade of the power station’s control system.

Stanwell Power Station Site Manager James Oliver said the control system was critical in ensuring the highly-automated power station continued to operate safely, efficiently and reliably.

“The current control system is nearing the end of its operational life and it is anticipated that this upgrade will extend its life by approximately 15 years,” Mr Oliver said.

“We need to keep investing in our power stations to ensure Queenslanders have a reliable source of energy, as we transition to a lower carbon future.”