Stanwell a stand-out performer at the Queensland Generator Safety Forum (QGSF) 2020 awards

3 December 2020

Living true to our values of, ‘We care’, ‘We adapt’, ‘We deliver’, our people work hard to ensure they continuously strive to achieve zero harm.

Recently, Stanwell’s achievements were recognised at the Queensland Generator Safety Forum (QGSF) 2020 awards, with our team taking home three of the four awards.

The QGSF awards recognise and share positive contributions by teams or individuals who are improving health and safety across the Queensland energy generation industry.

Awards were presented under the following categories:

  • Outstanding innovation at an organisational level;
  • Project or site wide innovation;
  • Individual innovation; and
  • Member’s choice award.

Stanwell was a finalist in the ‘Outstanding innovation at an organisational level’ and ‘Project or site wide innovation’ categories. All QGSF entrants were eligible for the ‘People’s choice award’.

The winning Stanwell entries included:

Category: Outstanding innovation at an organisational level

Dust Control Strategy to protect itinerant workers, an initiative from Tarong power stations.

Potential hazard and/or risk: Within the power generation industry, certain activities that have to be undertaken can produce by-products containing high levels of respirable free crystalline silica.

Solution: The innovation is a ‘program’ which utilised and tailored pre-existing technologies (instant sampling/thermographic) to establish a whole of business dust control strategy.

This initiative has since been implemented across the business and influenced industry as a whole.

The Dust Control Strategy to protect itinerant workers also won the coveted ‘Member’s choice award’.

Category: Project or site wide innovation

Furnace burner spike, a joint initiativefrom Stanwell Power Station and UGL.

Potential hazard and/or risk: Positioning of the overhead fire suppression pipes and ancillary equipment obstructs access to the lifting lugs in the removal of the furnace burners. When undertaking this activity, extensive rigging is required for the removal and installation of the burners.

Solution: Taking the UGL concept, the SPS Mills and Burner team developed the idea, which involved the creation of drawings and design certification based upon the identified design load case.

A pair of burner spikes were manufactured and delivered in time for use during the 2019 overhaul, where the UGL Burner crew made good use of the new tools provided.

The furnace burner spike has been engineered with lifting points and handles to assist in the manoeuvring of the burner and spike, and essentially acts as an off-set attachment point to allow for the correct pull angles when re-installing burners while changing the weight distribution.

The innovation greatly reduces the requirement for manual handling and consequently saves time in the removal and installation of the burner. It also allows for the easy rotation of the burners while in position, to extend the asset life by distributing wear more evenly.

Congratulations to all those involved in identifying, responding and implementing these safety initiatives.

Health and Safety Manager – Tarong, Owen Bevan attending the virtual awards.
Thanks for all those involved in the QGSF awards for 2020.