Driving business insights with our data strategy

4 November 2021

Data and Digital Manager, Jamie Glenn, heads up Stanwell’s ICT Data and Digital team, which serves two functions: to ensure data is discoverable, understandable, and trusted to inform key insights across the business; and to improve business performance and decision making, simplifying and streamlining processes using automation, workflow, and usable solutions.

Prior to joining the team at Stanwell, Jamie’s ICT career has taken him across different industries, states, and countries.

Jamie said that his favourite thing about working in ICT was the never-ending pace of change and learning opportunities.

“I started my career in 1989 as a mainframe COBOL developer in the insurance industry in Adelaide,” Jamie said.

“From there I spent time in Canberra working in defence, before moving to the UK to work in telecoms and Germany to work in logistics.

“While in Cambridge I married my German wife, who I’d originally met in Canberra — we spent some amazing time in Europe before being lucky enough to spend three months in Southern Africa on the way back home.

“Since returning, I’ve settled down in Brisbane, raised two boys, bought a house, continued to enjoy travelling, and have worked across the insurance, travel, medical research, and now electricity industries.”

From 1989 to today, Jamie has seen major technology changes, but the core focus of ICT had remained the same.

“The ICT industry has changed almost every year since I started, from the tools and platforms we use, a move to working using agile methods, the rise of digital and internet technologies, and a huge increase in automation, robotics, and machine learning,” he said.

“Despite those shifts, the important parts have stayed the same.

“What hasn’t changed is the focus on customer and business outcomes, the drive to improve the quality and speed of releases, and the complexity in delivering large-scale technology projects.”

Jamie’s focus at Stanwell is leading the ICT Data and Digital teams, helping to drive the technology strategy forward as digitisation becomes increasingly important in how we do business.

“My team is responsible for two areas — the first is executing the ICT Data Strategy, including data governance, data certification, and business intelligence,” Jamie said.

“We make it easier deliver reporting solutions, turning data into insights to help our people focus on making decisions, not interpreting data.

“Next up for the team is the delivery of our new data platform, further building the business intelligence and data community, with a continued focus on improving our everyday work activities.”

The second area that Jamie’s team is responsible for is improving business process performance and decision making.

“Using the Microsoft Power Platform suite, we’re simplifying and streamlining our core processes through mobility, workflow, and automation,” he said.

“We’re currently implementing several proof-of-concept solutions before introducing a broader rollout of this exciting new technology.”

Stanwell’s new data and mobility platform project involves working across Stanwell’s different business units, especially teams like operations, energy trading, and finance that generate and analyse huge volumes of data every day.

It’s a busy time for Stanwell’s ICT team — keeping up with changes in energy markets, shifting customer expectations, and technology advances means there’s no shortage of exciting challenges ahead. Read more about some of our latest work: