We actively engage with various market bodies and industry groups to drive sensible and reasonable market and regulatory reform for transitioning energy markets.

We provide submissions to various consultation processes, with a view to:

  • minimising the long-term cost of the energy system for which consumers ultimately pay
  • improving market transparency
  • avoiding unnecessary complexity
  • ensuring change (and the cost of change) is based on holistic assessment of overall benefits being delivered to consumers.

Copies of our full submissions are available below.

DateAudience Title
April 2024AEMCStanwell’s response to the AEMC’s Transmission Access Reform
November 2023DCCEEWStanwell Submission DCCEEW GO Emissions Calculation
October 2023DCCEEWStanwell Submission DCCEEW GO Scheme Design
September 2023DSDILGPStanwell Submission State Code 23 Wind Farm Development
September 2023AEMCResponse to Enhancing Investment Certainty in the R1 Process Consultation Paper
September 2023DSDILGPResponse to State Code 23: Wind farm Development Consultation Paper
September 2023AEMCResponse to Improving Security Frameworks for the Energy Transition Directions Paper
September 2023AEMCResponse to Integrating price-responsiveness resources in the NEM Consultation Paper
August 2023DCCEEWResponse to Public Consultation Paper – Capacity Investment Scheme
August 2023AEMCResponse to National Electricity Amendment (Operating Reserve Market Directions Paper) Rule
August 2023AEMCResponse to Clarifying Mandatory Primary Frequency Response Obligations for Bidirectional Units Consultation Paper
June 2023AEMCResponse to Review into the Arrangements for Failed Retailers’ Electricity and Gas Contracts Directions Paper
May 2023ESBResponse to Transmission Access Reform Consultation Paper
May 2023AEMCResponse to Reliability Panel Issues Paper Review of the Form of the Reliability Standard and Administered Price Cap
May 2023AEMCResponse to Review of the Operation of the Retailer Reliability Obligation Consultation Paper
April 2023AEMCResponse to Consultation Paper – Efficient Provision of Inertia
April 2023DEPWResponse to Gas Supply and Other Legislation (Hydrogen Industry Development) Amendment Bill 2023
February 2023DCCEEWResponse to Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin Policy Position Paper
February 2023DCCEEWResponse to Australia’s Guarantee of Origin Policy Position Paper
December 2022ESBResponse to Directions Paper – Transmission Access Reform
November 2022AEMCResponse to Draft Rule Determination – Operational Security Mechanism
October 2022AEMOFirst Stage Consultation Unaccounted for Energy Reporting Guidelines
Participant Response Template
July 2022AEMCERC0338 Enhancing information on generator availability in MT PASA
July 2022AEMCERC0339 – Efficient Provision of Inertia: Essential system services and inertia in the NEM
July 2022ESBCapacity Mechanism: High-level Design Paper
June 2022ESBTransmission Access Reform – Consultation Paper
May 2022AEMCNEM2025 Implementation Roadmap Information Paper 200522
March 2022AEMCERC0338: Enhancing information on generator availability in MT PASA
February 2022ESBCapacity Mechanism – Project Initiation Pape
January 2022QREZResponse to QREZ Technical Discussion Paper
Attachment A: Stanwell response to QREZ Design and Access Technical Discussion Paper
November 2021AEMCPrimary frequency response incentive arrangements (ERC0263)
October 2021AEMCCapacity commitment mechanism and synchronous services markets (ERC0290 and ERC0306)
September 2021AEMCIntegrating energy storage systems into the NEM
August 2021AEMCCompensation for market participants affected by intervention events
August 2021AEMCGenerator registration and connection
June 2021ESBResponse to post 2025 market design options
February 2021ESBCapacity Mechanism – Project Initiation Paper
February 2021AEMOElectricity fee structures
February 2021ESBInterim Renewable Energy Zone framework
February 2021AEMCIntegrating energy storage systems into the NEM
February 2021AEMCReserve services in the NEM
January 2021AEMCSemi-scheduled generator dispatch obligations
December 2020AEMCGenerator registrations and connections
November 2020ESBData strategy
November 2020AEMCCompensation following directions for services other than energy and market ancillary services
October 2020ESBPost 2025 Market Design
October 2020AEMCTransmission Access Reform: updated technical specifications and cost-benefit analysis
August 2020ACCCConsumer Data Right Energy Rules Framework
August 2020AEMORenewing AEMO’s engagement model
August 2020ACCCDraft Determination and new Interim Authorisation
August 2020AEMCSystem service rule changes
July 2020AEMOSystem Restart Ancillary Services Guideline
May 2020ESBTwo Sided Markets
May 2020AEMOInterim Primary Function Response Requirements
January 2020AEMCTransmission Loss Factors
September 2019AEMCDemand Response Mechanism
September 2019AEMCMechanisms to Enhance Resilience in the Power System
September 2019AEMCTransparency of New Projects
August 2019AEMCCoordination of Generation and Transmission Investment Reform Access Reform
August 2019AEMCImproving Transparency and Extending Duration of MT PASA
July 2019AEMCTransmission Loss Factors
June 2019AERDraft Interim Qualifying Contracts and Firmness Guideline
May 2019AEMCShort Term Forward Market
May 2019AEMCTransparency of New Projects
May 2019AERDraft Interim Market Liquidity Obligation Guideline
April 2019AERDraft Interim Reliability Instrument Guideline
April 2019AERGenerator Notice of Closure Exemption Guideline
April 2019ESBRetailer Reliability Obligation
March 2019AEMCEnhancement to the Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader
March 2019AEMO2019 Planning and Forecasting
February 2019AEMCMarket Making Arrangements in the NEM
February 2019COAG Energy CouncilReview of AEMC Regulations
February 2019ESBReview of AEMC Regulations
February 2019ESBStrategic Energy Plan Draft Metrics Attachment A
January 2019Senate Standing Committee on EconomicsTreasury Laws Amendment Prohibiting Energy Market Misconduct Bill 2018
December 2018AEMCDemand Response Mechanism
November 2018AEMCEnhancement to the Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader
November 2018ESBStrategic Energy Plan Metrics
October 2018ESBMarket Obligations in the NEM
October 2018ESBOTC Transparency in the NEM
July 2018Commonwealth GovernmentNational Energy Guarantee