Stanwell is aware of a cyber security breach involving PageUp, a human resources management software company which provides cloud-based recruitment services to a range of companies, including Stanwell.

At this stage, we have not received any confirmation from PageUp to suggest that our applicants’ data has specifically been affected, however, we have informed all individuals who may have potentially been impacted by the data breach to enable them to take any additional steps they deem appropriate to protect their privacy.

What information may have been impacted?

Although the investigation is ongoing, PageUp has advised that based on their forensic analysis, the data that may have been compromised could include:

• Names
• Street addresses
• Email addresses
• Telephone numbers
• Date of births

PageUp has also advised that they are confident that the following has NOT been impacted:
• Employment contracts
• Applicant resumes
• Australian tax file numbers
• Bank account details
• Any information contained in onboarding, performance and learning

What is Stanwell doing?

PageUp has retained one of Australia’s leading cybersecurity firms to evaluate its systems and work with them to implement additional security measures to ensure there are no further incidents. External advisors have confirmed that the malware, which previously affected PageUp’s systems, has now been contained and there is no evidence of an active threat (the PageUp system is safe to use).

On this basis, Stanwell has decided to reinstate the Stanwell career website using the PageUp system.

What should you do?

We appreciate that you may be concerned about the security of the information you provide. If you have applied for a job with Stanwell, or have worked for Stanwell (as an employee or a contractor), Stanwell recommends that you check that there has been no unusual activity concerning your personal information. The following websites provide useful guidance:

• The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission’s Scamwatch website provides general information about to recognise, avoid and report scams and provides guidance about the steps you can take to protect yourself against scams.

• Australia’s national identity and cyber support service, IDCARE, provides more information on how to recognise and address any potential risks to your personal data. IDCARE provides free support to members of the community who have concerns about their identity or related cyber security and specialist identity and cyber security counsellors are available for the community to speak to.

For people who have previously applied for a role with Stanwell or have worked at Stanwell:

If you have previously worked at Stanwell (either as a Stanwell employee or as an employee of a third party) or applied for a role at Stanwell and would like your personal information removed from the PageUp system, please contact us here.

For people who have submitted an application for a current role:

If you have an application pending for a current role, please continue to liaise directly with the Recruitment Team who will contact you with an update shortly.

For people looking to apply for positions with Stanwell:

If you would like to apply for Stanwell positions, please review our current vacancies and apply here.

Where to go for more information?

Click here for updates from PageUp or you can contact them on 1300 893 787.

Should you wish to contact the Stanwell Recruitment Team directly, please send us an email: