We are an energy generation business providing solutions to large industrial and commercial customers. Our power stations are located in regional Queensland.

We generate electricity to meet the needs of the market, we are growing our retail offering to large businesses, and we earn revenue based on coking coal exported from Curragh Mine.

We are committed to working with local business, industry, government, and our people to identify new opportunities, encourage economic diversification and new opportunities.

Stanwell Power Station

Stanwell Power Station is a highly-automated station and is recognised as one of the most efficient and economic coal-fired power stations in Australia.

The power station is located 22km west of Rockhampton, in Central Queensland.

Coal to fuel Stanwell Power Station comes from Curragh Mine in Central Queensland.

Mica Creek Power Station

Stanwell’s gas-fired Mica Creek Power Station in Mount Isa was previously one of two power stations servicing the North West Minerals Province network. Mica Creek Power Station celebrated 60 years in operation in late 2020. After providing energy to the network for 60 years it was placed into cold storage from 1 January 2021.

Wivenhoe Small Hydro

Wivenhoe Small Hydro is located below Wivenhoe Dam’s five spillway slots and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The generator captures water released for other primary purposes without commanding dedicated water releases.

Mackay Gas Turbine

Stanwell’s Mackay Gas Turbine was a remote controlled, on-demand power generator. The 34MW power generator primarily participated in the frequency control markets of the National Electricity Market (NEM), which means it was occasionally required to generate to support the restoration of balance between power demand and supply.

Stanwell has decommissioned the Mackay Gas Turbine into retirement as at 1 April 2021.

Tarong power stations

The Tarong power stations are one of Queensland’s largest electricity generating sites.

The site comprises five units: four units each capable of producing 350 MW and a single 443 MW advanced cycle coal-fired unit.

The 443 MW unit uses the latest technology, making it one of the most efficient coal units in Australia.

The Tarong power stations receive coal from the nearby Meandu Mine (which we also own) via a conveyor.

Meandu Mine

We are the proud owners of Meandu Mine in the South Burnett.

The mine has the capacity to supply up to seven million tonnes of coal a year to the adjacent Tarong power stations. It has sufficient coal to fuel the power stations until at least 2037.

By owning the mine, the Tarong power stations benefit from a low cost, reliable fuel supply.

We can ramp coal production up or down, to meet generation requirements.

The mine is operated by Downer EDI under strict safety and environmental conditions.

Curragh Mine

We have a long-term agreement with Coronado Coal Group which provides us with low cost coal from Curragh Mine in Central Queensland to fuel Stanwell Power Station.

Through this agreement, we also have access to an option to receive additional coal which we can use to generate electricity or sell into the export market.

This contract provides us with flexibility to divert coal from generation to export, depending on electricity and coal price forecasts.

In addition, we also share in the revenue of coal exported from Curragh Mine.

In 2013/14, this coal revenue sharing arrangement added $105.1 million to our pre-tax profit result.

Kunioon coal resource

We own the Kunioon coal resource located near Meandu Mine in the South Burnett. We are currently investigating options for this coal resource, including coal-to-liquids opportunities.

MDL 306 coal resource

We own the coal resource Mineral Development Licence 306 located near Curragh North Mine in Central Queensland.