Stanwell’s Graduate Program is designed to develop your capabilities, expand your network and kick start your career after university. If you are adaptable, innovative and future focused, you could be part of our next Stanwell Graduate intake.

Why Stanwell?

Learning and capability development

We take pride in fostering your growth and development throughout the graduate program so that you can reach your full potential. At Stanwell, we offer our graduates:

Coaching and mentoring

Formal training courses

On-the-job learning

Funding for relevant professional memberships

Access to an online learning management system where you can track your learning journey

Health and wellbeing

Stanwell offers a variety of initiatives to support your ongoing health and wellbeing, including:

Discounted gym memberships

Access to an Employee Assistance Program

Discounted health insurance

Reimbursement for health consultations under our voluntary wellness scheme

We also provide additional health initiatives that vary each year, such as DEXA scans, fitness challenges, skin checks or dietitian consultations.

Inclusion and diversity

We are proactive about giving our people opportunities to excel and truly be themselves. We enable this through diversity, fairness and flexible work practices. We encourage our people to be active champions of equality and inclusion and we have a cross representative working group identifying and leading our initiatives.

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Exciting industry that is continuously evolving

We are exploring further opportunities to evolve and renew our portfolio to include low emission generation in response to changing market and consumer expectations.

Some of the projects we’re investigating and implementing include:

Investigation of co-firing biomass at our power stations to reduce emissions intensity

Exploring the feasibility of a hydrogen project in Central Queensland

Assisting renewables projects to get onto the grid

Graduate intake

Applications for our 2025 intake have now closed.

Tips for your application

Would you like more information?

If you would like more information on Stanwell’s Graduate Program, click here.

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Hear from our graduates

“I am eager to get started and gain exposure to new and unique opportunities to learn. In addition to this, the site rotations throughout my program has me most excited!”

Mechanical Engineering Graduate
Andre Vella

“Stanwell has a positive organisational culture, which I appreciated throughout the recruitment process. I can’t wait to experience the real-life application of all the knowledge I gained during university.

People and Culture Graduate
Angela Gao

“The culture, comprehensive graduate program, the energy industry and the ability to make a positive impact on the community, all drew me to Stanwell. I really enjoy problem solving and want to bridge the gap between what I have learned at university with the real world.”

ICT Graduate
Callum Ross

“It is an energising experience to be surrounded by so many generous mentors who are willing to accelerate your learning to a rate that didn’t seem possible before.”

Strategy and Engagement Graduate
Taylor Bednall