At Stanwell, our corporate strategy is at the centre of everything we do.

Our purpose is to work with our customers, host communities, shareholders, regulators, partners, suppliers and one another, to achieve long-term solutions to the challenges we face.

For our customers, these challenges often relate to energy use, their ability to source renewable energy, affordability and price certainty. Meanwhile, economic resilience and community connectedness are key for the communities in which we operate. Whatever the challenge, our commitment is to do business in ways which recognise and respond to the needs of the people around us, while also ensuring the long-term sustainability and profitability of our business.

Our story

As a company that operates coal-fired power stations, it’s Stanwell’s job right now to keep providing reliable electricity at prices that are affordable as the industry transitions to a lower carbon future.

We are able to ramp generation from our coal-fired power stations up and down as needed, to let solar generation shine in the middle of the day, and still provide the electricity people need in the evenings.

While providing reliable and affordable energy for today, we are also exploring new generation and storage technologies that will help reduce emissions for tomorrow.

We have a variety of income sources which allow us to achieve the best possible returns for our owners, the people of Queensland.

  • Our coal-fired power stations have a total generating capacity of 3,307 megawatts, helping to keep Queensland’s electricity supply secure and affordable.
  • We own and have access to competitively priced fuel which we use at our power stations.
  • We sell electricity directly to large commercial and industrial customers along the eastern seaboard of Australia.

Keeping the system secure

At this stage of Queensland’s transition to lower carbon electricity generation, only coal-fired power stations can provide the volume of reliable electricity generation Queenslanders need.

Over the past two years, we have been looking at how the role of our coal-fired power stations needs to change to support an increasing level of renewable generation. Originally designed to run at a relatively constant high level of output, we have trialled running our power stations at low load and then ramping up our generation to meet peak demand requirements.

Throughout the 2018/19 summer, our power stations played a major part in keeping the lights on when a new record for electricity demand in Queensland was set. During this time, our assets were available 97.3 per cent of the time – making us one of the most reliable generators in the National Electricity Market.

Exploring new approaches

We are here to support Queensland’s transition to a lower carbon future. We’re continually exploring new opportunities to evolve and renew our portfolio in response to evolving market and consumer expectations.

We’re committed to working with local businesses, industry, government, and our people to identify new opportunities, and deliver innovative energy solutions that meet the needs of Queenslanders.

Now, and into the future, Stanwell will balance the need to reduce emissions, keep energy affordable, and support a reliable and flexible energy system.

Environmental sustainability

Several state and federal regulations govern the environmental practices of electricity generators, but just complying with regulations is not enough for us. We are committed to going beyond compliance, whenever it makes sense for us to do so.

Our Environmental Sustainability Policy outlines how we are preparing for a low-carbon future, and integrating sustainability even more closely into our business processes and culture. Whether we are planning the future of our assets or thinking about the day to day operation of our sites, we carefully consider the environmental, social and commercial implications of every decision we make. Learn more here.

Our communities are at the heart of everything we do

Energy is only part of our story. Our people and communities are an integral part of where and how we operate.

We employ approximately 700 people across Queensland, and we are a significant contributor to the economies of the regions where we operate. Our employees live and work locally in our host communities and are actively involved in local community programs and activities. Through our business partners, we also indirectly employ hundreds of contractors throughout regional Queensland.

Economic resilience and community connectedness are important to our host communities. We work closely with our community leaders, near neighbours and stakeholders in each region to understand their priorities and to work with them to build a future that benefits all of us.

Together with our stakeholders we’ll play a key role in a new, modern energy system in Australia.