At Stanwell, our vision is at the centre of everything we do.

Together we create energy solutions

We’re helping to create a more secure, clean and affordable energy system and we believe the best way to do that is in partnership with our customers, business partners and regulators.

Our Story

Stanwell is a diversified energy business. Our revenue comes from a variety of sources. We generate electricity, we have an electricity retail business that sells energy to large commercial and industrial businesses, and we earn income from coal sales. We also provide services to the electricity market to keep energy secure and reliable. Click here to learn more about our power stations.

In 2018/19, close to 50 per cent of our profits came from sources other than electricity sales. This includes coal exports and a new coal supply agreement.

The majority of our electricity revenue is from contracts. These contracts provide our customers with price certainty. Only a small portion of our revenue comes from the electricity spot market.

We are helping to keep Queensland electricity affordable. Queensland’s contract and spot market prices are the lowest and most stable in Australia. In the past financial year, our low-cost power stations generated more than 19,200 GWh. This was 33 per cent of Queensland’s total electricity demand in 2018/19.

We also work closely with our customers (who are large commercial and industrial businesses as well as electricity retailers) to provide them with affordable contracts which protect them from price volatility in the market. We carefully manage our costs because this helps keep the cost of electricity generation down.

We make sure Queenslanders have a secure supply of electricity. Throughout the 2018/19 summer, our power stations played a major part in keeping the lights on when a new record for electricity demand in Queensland was set. During this time, our assets were available 97.3 per cent of the time – making us one of the most reliable generators in the National Electricity Market.

We consider the well being of our environment, as well as the need to keep energy affordable, in the decisions we make, every day. Several state and federal regulations outline how the energy industry should perform. Just complying with regulations is not enough for us. We are proud to support the communities  we serve and we are committed to preserving our environment, by operating beyond what is legally required of us.

Our Environmental Sustainability Policy  outlines how we are preparing for a low-carbon future, including a $2.0 million investment in another continuous emissions monitoring system for one of our power stations. From implementing a real-time environment monitoring network to measure the air, noise and vibrations at various locations around our sites, to installing low emission burners, we have invested millions of dollars to maximise our efficiency, while minimising our impact on our neighbours.

We contribute to regional economic development. We employ approximately 700 people. Our employees live and work locally in the communities where we operate and are actively involved in local community programs and activities. Through our business partners, we also indirectly employ hundreds of contractors throughout regional Queensland.

We are committed to working with local business, industry, government, and our people to identify new opportunities, encourage economic diversification and new opportunities.