We own the fuel supply for a number of our power stations.

In other cases, we have long-term access to competitively priced fuel.

This gives us a significant market cost advantage.

It also means that, when demand for electricity is low, we can sell our fuel instead of using it for electricity generation.

By switching between generating and selling our fuel on energy markets (depending on market conditions), we can meet the demand for our energy products and get the best value from our assets.

Meandu Mine

We are the proud owners of Meandu Mine in the South Burnett in Southern Queensland.

The mine has the capacity to supply up to seven million tonnes of coal a year to the adjacent Tarong power stations.

By owning the mine, the Tarong power stations benefit from a low cost, reliable fuel supply.

We can ramp coal production up or down, to meet generation requirements.

The mine is operated by BUMA Australia under strict safety and environmental conditions.

Curragh Mine

We have a long-term agreement with Coronado Curragh that provides us with low cost coal from Curragh Mine in Central Queensland to fuel Stanwell Power Station.

Through this agreement, we also have access to an option to receive additional coal which we can use to generate electricity or sell into the export market.

This contract provides us with flexibility to divert coal from generation to export, depending on electricity and coal price forecasts.

In addition, we also share in the revenue of coal exported from Curragh Mine.

Kunioon coal resource

We own the Kunioon coal resource located near Meandu Mine in the South Burnett. We are currently investigating options for this coal resource.

MDL 306 coal resource

We own the coal resource Mineral Development Licence 306 located near Curragh North Mine in Central Queensland.