Whether you need energy for your business, or you have a service or product that Stanwell might need, you can start dealing with us easily and immediately.

Do you want to supply Stanwell with your goods or services?

Proud of your business? We are too. At Stanwell, we nurture our relationships with our suppliers because they help us be the energy company we want to be.

If you are an existing supplier to Stanwell, or would like to become a supplier, all the information you need is available on this website.

Read our Conditions of Order (Goods and Services), our Supplier Code of Conduct and our Procurement Policy to learn more about our approach to doing business. 

How we do business at Stanwell

While Stanwell has established supply contracts in place there are always opportunities for new suppliers to join us.

Register your interest as a supplier if:

  • you want to bid on a tender or would like to be considered for future opportunities; and/or
  • one of our representatives has asked you to register.

Potential suppliers register with Stanwell via the Zycus Supplier Network (ZSN) portal, providing contact and basic corporate information.

It is important to understand that registration as a potential supplier does not guarantee success in providing goods and/or services to Stanwell.

Once registered, Stanwell may wish to engage via the ZSN portal and request additional company information such as financial, insurance, tax or health and safety details.

Once the additional company information is submitted, it will be assessed and if approved, formal engagement with Stanwell may commence.

The ZSN portal is also used for sourcing, contracting and performance events, as well as maintaining company information such as financial, certificates of currency and contact details etc.

Help with using Zycus supplier network (ZSN) portal

Please review the ‘Help’ menu located in the top right hand side of the ZSN portal after logging in. For anything else, please contact iBUY@stanwell.com for assistance.

What you need to know about our policies and procedures

As a supplier business, you’ll have your own policies and procedures to follow. Stanwell does too. Visit ‘Our policies and procedures’ page for more information.

Our policies and procedures are grouped under headings so it’s easy to find the relevant documents that apply to your business.