Whether you need energy for your business, or you have a service or product that Stanwell might need, you can start dealing with us easily and immediately.

Do you want to supply Stanwell with your service or product?

Proud of your business? We are too. At Stanwell, we nurture our relationships with our suppliers because they help us be the energy company we want to be.

If you are an existing supplier to Stanwell, or would like to become a supplier, all the information you need is available on this website.

How we do business at Stanwell

Stanwell has lots of established supply contracts in place, but there are always opportunities for other suppliers, like you, to join us.

If you already supply a product or service to Stanwell, you’ll be familiar with our business terms. If you would like to become a supplier, we’d love to hear from you. Read our terms of business and our Procurement Policy to learn more about our approach to doing business.

Do you seek contracts through tender? Stanwell uses the Queensland Government’s QTender system to manage tenders. Look for ‘Stanwell Corporation Limited’ in the agency/department column on the website.

What you need to know about our policies and procedures

As a supplier business, you’ll have your own policies and procedures to follow. Stanwell does too. Visit ‘Our policies and procedures’ page for more information.

Our policies and procedures are grouped under headings so it’s easy to find the relevant documents that apply to your business.

Notice to Contractors – Tarong Power Stations

Contractors at the Tarong Power Stations are advised that Stanwell is bound by the provisions of the Tarong Power Stations Enterprise Agreement 2015.  Clause 6.5 of the Enterprise Agreement provides that contractors are to be provided a copy of the Enterprise Agreement to ensure compliance.

A copy of the Enterprise Agreement is available below:

Tarong Power Stations Enterprise Agreement 2015