At Stanwell, we provide the spark for a bright future. That future starts now.

We are a major provider of electricity and energy solutions to Queensland, the National Electricity Market and large energy users throughout Australia.

We’re creating a new, lower carbon generation portfolio that’s complemented by energy storage, we’re driving the development of a renewable hydrogen export industry in Central Queensland and we’re keeping the lights on as the State’s energy industry transforms.

While our energy future is not defined by our coal-fired generation, our transformation will be supported by it.

We own and operate two of the most efficient coal-fired power stations in Australia – the Tarong power stations near Kingaroy, and Stanwell Power Station west of Rockhampton. We can ramp generation from our coal-fired power stations up and down as needed, to let solar generation shine in the middle of the day, and still provide the electricity people need in the mornings and evenings. We also own Meandu Mine, adjacent to our Tarong power stations, to provide low-cost fuel for the station.

We’re putting our energy into finding better, cleaner ways to reliably generate, store and move electricity for our customers. Through our pipeline of proposed renewable energy projects throughout central and southern Queensland we’ll reduce our emissions intensity and create future opportunities for our people and communities. We’re also leading Australia’s renewable hydrogen industry, with plans progressing to develop the country’s largest green hydrogen export hub in Gladstone, Central Queensland.

We care. We adapt. We deliver. These values are the driving force behind everything we do. As we continue to serve our communities and deliver the power Queensland needs, we ‘ll contribute to the achievement of Queensland’s emission reduction targets and we’ll achieve long term reductions in our emissions intensity.

At Stanwell, we provide the spark for a bright future. That future starts now.

Contributing to Queensland’s economy

We sell wholesale electricity and we have an electricity retail business Stanwell Energy, whose customers are large commercial and industrial energy users.

All of Stanwell’s profits are paid to the Queensland Government as an annual dividend to help fund services such as schools and hospitals.

Since 2011, Stanwell has delivered more than $2 billion to the Queensland Government through dividends paid each year.

Delivering jobs for Queensland

At Stanwell, we value a diverse and inclusive culture, where we attract, employ and develop a wide group of people who share our values and want to make a difference.

Stanwell employs 700 direct employees, 400 indirect employees (Meandu Mine), and a number of contractors who provide support for site services and unit outages. We aim to create a workplace where everyone is included, treated fairly, respected and given the opportunity to be the best they can be.

We aim to make a difference in the communities in which we operate

At Stanwell, we understand that our ability to generate electricity is, in large part, dependent on the support of the communities in which we operate, so we work directly with community leaders to help them achieve the priorities which are most important to their regions.

Since 2012, we have also given almost $2.4 million to local community groups in the Rockhampton and South Burnett regions, to contribute to projects which deliver long-term benefits for our host communities.

Stanwell’s values – we care, we adapt and we deliver – are integral to our culture

Our values drive the expected behaviours of our people – leaders, employees and contractors.

They also influence how we engage with customers, suppliers, partners and our local communities. Together, they guide how we think, make decisions and act on a day-to-day basis at Stanwell.

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