We maintain relationships with Traditional Owners in the areas where our assets are located throughout Queensland.

This ensures that any land disturbance activities comply with native title and cultural heritage legislation, and that we maintain mutually beneficial relationships with Traditional Owners.

In the South Burnett, an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) is in place with the Wakka Wakka people. This enables us to extract coal from Meandu Mine to provide fuel for the Tarong power stations. The agreement includes benefits to support the goals and aspirations of the Wakka Wakka people and the South Burnett aboriginal community.

Stanwell’s South Burnett Community Relations team works with the Wakka Wakka people and the South Burnett Aboriginal community to assist in delivering these benefits through various committees and programs such as the Aboriginal Community Interest Consultative Committee. Please visit the ACICC website for more information on criteria and funding round dates.