Angela illustrates new career

11 December 2019

In 2005, a fresh-faced Angela Robertson stepped off a flight from Scotland unsure of what the future had in store for her as she made Australia her new home.

Fourteen years later and Angela has firmly made her mark as Stanwell’s Digital Content Designer. Here, she answers some questions to explain how she worked her way from an Administration Support Officer at Stanwell’s Swanbank Power Station in 2005, to her new role at the company’s Brisbane office.

Q. When did you start at Stanwell and what was your first role?

A. I started working at Swanbank Power Station (for CS Energy then) in 2005 as Administration Support – just two months after I’d arrived in Australia from Scotland.

Q. What other roles have you held at Stanwell over the years?

In 2007, I was fortunate enough to be seconded into the Management Support Officer role at Swanbank. I was later made permanent in that role, and stayed there supporting the Swanbank Power Station team until 2014, when I secured the Corporate Communication Coordinator role in the Strategy and Engagement team in the Brisbane office.

Q. Recently you were promoted to the role of Digital Content Designer in the Strategy and Engagement team. How did you come to be in that position?

A. A few years ago, I said I’d like to learn graphic design so we could eventually do more of that work inhouse, instead of outsourcing it. Stanwell supported me in starting my diploma, which took me two years to complete. On finishing up my diploma earlier this year, and after working the bulk of my career in administration, I stepped into my new role as Digital Content Designer.

Q. What are you working on in your new role?

A. Recently I got to design the Hydrogen Project brochure which our colleagues took to Japan and Korea. I even had to input the Japanese and Korean translations – which took a lot of concentration! I’ve also been busy designing different infographics and elements which explain our business operations for documents which will be going to a variety of our stakeholders – from the Board to community members.

Q. What’s in your sights next?

A. I’m really keen to learn more about animation and motion graphics to grow my skills in those areas. As design technologies change, I’ll have to keep developing my skills to explore the new ways we can use graphic design to tell our company’s stories and illustrate how our strategy is supporting the communities in which we operate.

I feel so fortunate to have landed at Stanwell straight after arriving in Brisbane, all those years ago, as I’ve been given so many opportunities to grow. I’m truly grateful that I’ve been supported by the business in changing my vocation from administration to a graphic designer. Plus, I’ve made a lot of life-long friendship here.