FEITH helping to lay the foundation for hydrogen-powered future

18 April 2024

In the drive to decarbonise our energy generation systems, hydrogen has emerged as a promising alternative fuel source.

Stanwell’s multifaceted approach to hydrogen development, as outlined by Peter Goggin, Manager of Hydrogen Development, in a recent “Exploring Hydrogen” podcast, showcases how innovation and collaboration can pave the way for a sustainable future.

Tune into the podcast and listen as Peter explains:

  • How our Future Energy Innovation and Training Hub (FEITH) will serve as a testbed for the next generation of energy technologies;
  • The foundation technologies that will be piloted at FEITH, including Hysata’s revolutionary hydrogen electrolsyer and ESI’s Iron Flow battery;
  • The significance of comprehensive training programs and partnerships in building a robust hydrogen ecosystem.

Stanwell’s holistic approach to hydrogen development provides a blueprint for creating a clean energy economy.

By fostering innovation, engaging the workforce, and collaborating with partners, Stanwell is laying the foundation for Queensland to become leaders in the transition to a hydrogen-powered future.