Powering careers and ensuring our people thrive

21 October 2021

Investing in our peoples’ learning and development has long been a key priority at Stanwell as we work to ensure our workforce is future ready. Stanwell offers a wide range of internal opportunities for our people to maintain and enhance their skills and knowledge, participate in professional development, and progress their career goals.

These opportunities include individual training, team courses, and leadership programs, which are developed in-house to help our people grow and succeed in their roles.

Leading for the Future is one of Stanwell’s highly successful internal leadership development programs, designed to support the growth of leaders who are seeking to advance their own development and contribute towards Stanwell’s future.

Over the course of several months, including three separate weeks of residential, off-site learning, participants in Leading for the Future enhance their own understanding of leadership and engage in a powerful, shared learning experience.

Marketing and Communications Manager, Kaz Cottier, is participating in the current cohort of 12 leaders and has already seen benefits to her internal networks and how she manages her team.

Kaz said she wasn’t sure what to expect before she started the Leading for the Future program.

“A highlight has been the quality of the people in the cohort with me – we’ve all allowed ourselves to be vulnerable and show a more personal side of ourselves which has led to a great level of trust and respect,” she said.

“We’ve all now built a better, stronger network of peers we can turn to for support and advice.

“The program has helped me be true to me and my management style which is better for me, my team, and Stanwell.”

Leading for the Future combines a professionally relevant curriculum that supports the development of deep connections and ongoing collaboration with peer leaders, executives, board members, and specialised experts.

For newer leaders, Stanwell’s Core Leader Program supports emerging people leaders as they develop core leadership skills. People are supported to move from being an individual contributor, to leading and getting things done with others. The program is made up of a combination of on-the-job learning, mentoring, and formalised learning.

Stanwell’s approach to learning and development isn’t limited to individual learning — team-based activities are also on offer, designed to enhance functional team development and cohesion. Team development options help our people to gain an understanding of how different people approach their goals, bringing diversity and strengths to their team.

Stanwell’s learning management system provides everybody access to a range of internal and external learning and development systems. The GROW performance framework also makes it easy for Stanwell’s people to highlight and pursue learning opportunities to help them in their current roles and build their careers.

Stanwell’s Manager Tax and Treasury, Claire Olson, holds the Chartered Accountant designation, and as part of that she said she is required to complete at least 120 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) every three years.

“Constant changes to tax and accounting legislation, guidance, and best practice ensures that accountants are always kept on their toes,” Claire laughed.

“Stanwell’s learning and development framework is flexible enough for me to take advantage of a wide range of opportunities as my profession and role evolve.

“Ongoing learning and development is essential to ensure that I am able to adapt to the evolving requirements of my role and bring new knowledge and perspective to the opportunities and challenges that Stanwell faces.”

Learning looks different for everybody and takes many forms. Stanwell is committed to supporting our people to be ready now and in the future, helping them develop in a way that best suits their needs.