Stanwell’s graduate mentoring program: Developing future energy industry talent

2 August 2021

Our graduate program plays a vital role in ensuring that Stanwell can continue to play its part in keeping the lights on for Queensland. The process of knowledge sharing safeguards the expertise of our people today and guides the next generation of industry experts for tomorrow. 

All graduates, both in the Brisbane office and on site in technical roles, are provided the benefit of a mentor to guide them through their program. We caught up with two of our current graduates, Finance Graduate, Samantha Scobie, and Health, Safety and Environment Graduate, Carl Rothman, to learn more about their mentor experience and what it’s like working alongside leaders in their field.

The generous mentoring spirit held by our people sets the foundation for our successful mentoring partnerships. For Carl, the opportunity to work alongside a mentor has been invaluable.

“My mentor provides me with valuable insight into the generation industry, guiding me to better understand how I can provide real value to the business throughout my program,” Carl said.

For Samantha, her mentor often acts as a professional sounding board.

“Being able to engage with someone about the challenges I may be facing provides the certainty you need as a graduate starting out in your career. My mentor can provide feedback and insights based on their own experiences,” Samantha said.

Connecting with experienced mentors provides our graduates with industry knowledge that builds on their tertiary educations. For Carl, this has allowed him to build practical skills including communicating with other professionals and successfully managing stakeholders.

But how has our graduate’s mentoring partnership contributed to their success of in the program so far?

“My mentor has allowed me to adjust and settle into Stanwell far more quickly than I could have imagined. I am constantly pushed to set goals and go after challenges that improve my capability and expand my experience,” said Samantha. 

For Carl, a Health and Safety graduate, site rotations are built into his program. So how has exposure to our different sites contributed to his learning and professional growth?

“Site rotations have provided me with exposure to our different sites, technical challenges and I’ve been able to work with a variety of different teams. This has significantly contributed to growing my capability as a health and safety professional. I truly encourage others to jump on the opportunity of rotations to site.” 

We wish both Samantha and Carl all the best as they complete their program at Stanwell and look forward to following their journey with us.

Don’t forget applications for our 2022 Graduate Program close 8 August 2021. For more information, visit careers at Stanwell.

Finance Graduate, Samantha Scobie.
Health, Safety and Environment Graduate, Carl Rothman, (third from the left).