Working in partnership with South Burnett community organisation to achieve long lasting benefits

10 November 2021

As the saying goes, diamonds are created under pressure, and this sentiment has rung true in the latest round of the Tarong Community Partnership Fund with four fantastic applications being supported.

From fencing, to portable bathrooms and storage sheds, to a clubhouse renovation, community groups in the South Burnett are laying the foundations (literally) for their region to thrive now and long into the future.  

Stanwell’s Tarong Community Partnership Fund is dedicated to helping projects that build social connectedness, lead to increased employment, improve access to critical services, enhance educational opportunities, or build economic capacity, preparedness and resilience in the community surrounding our Tarong power stations and Meandu Mine.

We are excited to announce the four successful applicants in round one of the 2021/22 Tarong Community Partnership Fund.

Murgon Show Society
Funding to support: The purchase of two portable bathrooms, two portable accessible bathrooms and wheelchair seating.

The Murgon Show Society has a long history in the South Burnett and celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2021. The group boast an impressive annual calendar of events including Farmers Day Out Annual Murgon Show, Murgon Rodeo, and the monthly Murgon markets.

Support from the Tarong Community Partnership Fund will enable Murgon Show Society to purchase conveniently located accessible bathrooms to support events and activities hosted by the group.

Kingaroy Junior Cricket Association

Funding to support: Fencing the perimeter of the grounds and installation of two access gates.

Kingaroy Junior Cricket Association offers Cricket Australia’s range of programs for people of all ages. The club has seen considerable growth in participation over the past five years, with more than 100 children participating in 2021.

Support from the Tarong Community Partnership Fund will enable the Kingaroy Junior Cricket Association to reduce the risk of traffic related incidents by installing fencing on the three sides of the grounds at River Road Park.

Benarkin State School
Funding to support: Construction of a storage shed for sporting equipment.

While Benarkin State School is considered a small school, it makes a big impact when it comes to inclusion and diversity, boasting a strong connection to the community.

Support from the Tarong Community Partnership Fund will enable Benarkin State School to build a large storage shed to accommodate sporting equipment utilised by both students and the broader community.

Timbertown Sporting and Community Hub
Funding to support: The upgrade of the clubhouse and kitchen facilities.

Timbertown Sporting and Community Hub is a volunteer run organisation and management committee formed to help foster the future of Blackbutt’s sporting and community facilities. Recent vandalism saw extensive damage to the clubhouse and irreplaceable sporting memorabilia destroyed. Timbertown Sporting and Community Hub, along with the Blackbutt community have worked hard to repair the damages.

Support from the Tarong Community Partnership Fund will enable Timbertown Sporting and Community Hub to upgrade its Blackbutt clubhouse and kitchen.

For Stanwell, powering Queensland is about more than just providing electricity – it’s about empowering our communities in which we operate to be vibrant, prosperous, and inclusive. Congratulations to these four community groups – we can’t wait to see you bring your projects to life.

Are you taking part in a project that is enriching the South Burnett community? For further information or to apply for the next round of the Tarong Community Partnership Fund, visit our website or contact Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Karen Wall on (07) 4160 9251 or Acting Community Relations Manager, Emily Raguse on (07) 4930 3333.