Our vision

Together we create energy solutions means we strive to:

  • work with our customers, shareholders, business partners and regulators, finding new ways to meet their changing needs;
  • make the complex simple;
  • think differently and actively pursue opportunities for our customers, the energy market and our business; and
  • identify and harness opportunities to enhance the value of our business.

Our values

At Stanwell, we are:

  • Safe – Everyone is a safety leader. We seek to achieve Zero Harm Today in all our workplaces.
  • Responsible – We are reliable, we are accountable for our actions, we make a positive contribution to our community and we are here for the long-term.
  • Commercial – Every one of us contributes to Stanwell’s financial stability and performance through our decisions and actions.

Our story

Stanwell Corporation is a Queensland Government owned energy company. We own and operate Stanwell Power Station west of Rockhampton, the Tarong power stations and Meandu Mine near Kingaroy, and Mica Creek Power Station near Mount Isa. All of Stanwell’s profits are paid to the Queensland Government as an annual dividend to help fund services such as schools and hospitals.

Having a variety of revenue sources allows us to achieve the best possible returns for our owners, the people of Queensland. Gas sales, coal rebate revenue, and a transaction with Coronado Coal accounted for approximately 49 per cent of Stanwell’s total Net Profit After Tax in 2018/19. We have a responsibility to produce and deliver energy for Queensland that’s reliable, affordable and sustainable and this is clearly demonstrated through our business performance.

We are helping to keep Queensland electricity affordable. In 2018/19, Queensland’s contract and spot market electricity prices were, on average, the lowest and most stable in the National Electricity Market. In 2018/19 our portfolio delivered more than 19,200 GWh of electricity, increasing supply to the market and helping to put downward pressure on wholesale electricity prices. We have also worked closely with our customers to provide them with competitively priced contracts which protect them from price volatility in the market. We have carefully managed our costs so that our business is sustainable into the future – allowing us to continue to deliver solutions which will meet the evolving needs of our customers.

We make sure Queenslanders have a secure supply of electricity. Throughout the 2018/19 summer, our power stations played a major role in keeping the lights on when the market was dealing with record electricity demand. We have proven ourselves to be one of Australia’s most reliable energy providers, with our assets achieving 97.3 per cent availability during the peak demand period (January to March 2019).

We consider our impact on the environment, as well as the need to keep energy affordable, in the decisions we make, every day. Several state and federal regulations outline how the energy industry should perform. However, simply complying with regulations is not enough for us. We are committed to operating beyond compliance requirements by considering the social, environmental and commercial implications of everything we do, and balancing those elements in every decision we make.

We make a difference in the communities in which we operate. At Stanwell, we understand that our ability to generate electricity is, in large part, dependent on the support of the communities in which we operate, so we work directly with community leaders to help them achieve the priorities which are most important to their regions. This year, we invested more than $289,000 to support a variety of initiatives which will deliver long-term value to our host communities. In addition, Stanwell employs more than 3,000 people across the State (direct employees and contractors), the majority of whom are located throughout regional Queensland.

We are committed to achieving Zero Harm Today. We encourage best practice in health and safety management, process safety and a continuous improvement culture. During 2018/19 there have been no serious injuries at any of our sites and a number of our sites have been 12 months injury free. This is a positive reflection of our strong reporting culture which ensures issues are raised and learnings shared.

About Stanwell Energy

Stanwell Energy is the retail brand of Stanwell Corporation Limited. Through Stanwell Energy, we sell electricity to large commercial and industrial customers in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory.

Our customers include some of Australia’s leading infrastructure, resources, manufacturing, retail and commercial sector companies. The success of Stanwell Energy is driven by our willingness to listen to our customers and tailor innovative and competitively priced products which are supported by one of the most diverse and reliable electricity generation portfolios in Australia.

We are proud of our personalised and proactive customer service and our high customer retention rate.